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Today, I found out that the acne under my arms was worse then the severe acne on my face. FML
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what a bitch you are for assuming op is lazy. underarm acne is not a matter of being clean, it is a condition that requires specific tmt. I can't stand ppl like you.


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... i dont know if proactiv will help ya there

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haha im helping make #2 comment dissapear, and dont pick at it.

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lol how easy is it to find a dermotoligist in the yellow pages?

its tough to find dermotologists in certain cities. however, you can find dermatologists almost anywhere!

I just threw up in my mouth. and I don't have acid reflex.

Your name is even more gross than your post, OP. I've never heard of severe underarm acne but it sounds awful. FYL indeed.

Yeah there's this thing called deodorant, and it helps keep your armpits dry and pimple-free. Hope this helps. :)

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How the hell does deoderant help with acne? It blocks sweat, not genetics.

it's called hydrocondinitis, go see a doctor asap, it's cause by your sweatglands getting clogged and it has nothing to do with hygeine. whatever you do, do not pop them it makes it 100 times worse.

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haha good luck getting a date. ;) its okay maybe you will grow out of it. Or not and you will live a horrible life as a hobbo in a trash can. by the way YDI for being to lazy and not taking care of your personal disturbing problems.

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it's even HARDER to find a dermotoligist!

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maybe if u took care of ur face and body and actually cleaned urself this would have never happened ydi under arm acne is nasty

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what a bitch you are for assuming op is lazy. underarm acne is not a matter of being clean, it is a condition that requires specific tmt. I can't stand ppl like you.

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Today I found out that when I grow up, and my parents tell me to wash my body and I don't, I get pimples on my ass cheeks. FML

When your sleeping, I'm gonna come to your house with a sharpie marker and connect the dots on your face.

#81 I have acid reflUx and I didn't throw up 

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#113 it blocks smell. but I don't think it blocks acne?? if it does I'm gonna start using it on my face...

Herpes in your armpits? Uhhh, I "think" you're doing it wrong....

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looks like t2icu didn't listen very well. or read very well I should say. haa

pepperoni pizza! getcha pepperoni pizza while it's hot!

I like to take up space. I'm a troll. look at me. . hahahaha I think I'm pretty funny.

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I like to take up space. look at me. I'm a troll. i think I am hilarious.

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At least you have under-arms....

All you have to do is take a wire Brillo pad and scrub the infected area until the bumps are smooth. Then take a cotton swab in regular gasoline (higher octane the better) and rub onto the area. it will clear it up really fast and is the only way to cure severe acne!

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^ Wow. Your name says it all.... I don't have acne, but I hardly think steel wool and high-octane gasoline is the way to go. Sounds painful. And dangerous.

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popcorn u a dumb ass bitch and should just kill urself cuz u fail :) ps. u don't look good at all so u shouldn't be talkin like u sumthin. ur just a stupid ass bitch

I use tretinoïne cream with doxycycline pills. They work wonders. Ask about them at your local doctor. (Just don't read the possible side-effects, they'll scare you shitless) Also try drinking lots of water. I'm not sure if it helps, but it's healthy anyways and for me it feels like it's helping, even if it's probably only a placebo effect. But good luck ;)

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have you tried gettin in te tannin bed? it cleared my face up in no time. just don't stay to long and fry yourself.

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lmao 121 I really hope you live in a halfway house addicted to cocaine and sharing needles

at least it's under your arms and not at other places

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Tanning beds help BUT only for a short amount of time... it dries up oil on your face (or back,underarms..etc) and then if you stop going or even in time, your face will produce more oil than before and make you break out more than if you just left it alone to begin with!! Life Sucks.. good luck

At one point, I was having issues with underarm "acne." It was actually more like sebaceous cysts because of infected hairs from shaving. I did everything from changing deodorant to changing razors and all that. I basically said screw it and got laser hair removal. Best decision of my life.

First off, it's 'than' not 'then', and secondly, would you rather it the other way around? I mean, I've never even noticed anyone's armpit acne for what I think obvious reasons. fYL for the acne, not the location.

#258 - Depends on if the OP is a man or woman. I got lucky enough to have this happen right before my sister's wedding where I got to wear a strapless dress. Also, a lot of shirts for women have the cap sleeves that do show the armpits :)

actually #25, proactiv has a body acne wash

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advice: If you pop it, it will only get worse. So don't irritate it at all.Try a medication, like proactiv or go to a dermatologist. both have stuff for you that will help your acne. I tried both. the proactiv didn't work for me, but it made it a little better. if that doesn't work, go to a dermatologist. I did, and my acne cleared up in just a few weeks! Tip: you have to be patient with whatever you choose to use. it doesn't go away within one day.

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#1 and it's replies take up an entire page. /facepalm

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if they watch what they eat maybe they wouldn't have this problem. nowadays food has all kinds of stuff that is not good for anybody... i bet u OP eats pizza like crazy

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Plenty of people take care of their skin, and eat well and still have acne.

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#37 actually it's all about balancing what you eat and drink; I eat a lot of junk food, but I drink even more water and my skin is clear.

ppl. 80 percent of acne is caused by stress. back to reality.

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#33- Its been proven that while a healthy diet does keep skin clear, greasy foods really don't cause acne.

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greasy food does not cause acne. neither does dehydration. in fact genetics is a large percentage of cause. your welcome from a nurse.

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LMAO xD "nurse this"...classic...

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120 is a retard you learn about how unhealthy diet and greasy foods do cause acne in friggin foods class and science lol.

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it could also be genetics. you can't control the outcome of that sometimes.

A lot of people have a skin condition called keratosis pilaris. It's hereditary and incurable and looks almost like tiny pimples or acne scars all over the arm. I bet you OP takes great care of their skin but is going through puberty and keratosis pilaris. I also bet you have a small penis.

Sometimes acne can be genetics or the person could have seriously sensitive skin.

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Are you stupid? For some people products just don't work sometimes ... Doesn't matter if you take care of it or not like me but at least I don't have much just a few breakouts once in a while..

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Some people have skin disorders. Where no matter how much or how little you take care of your skin, you can have acne. You really should research before you decide to give your opinion, huh?

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u probably should get it checked

Like, in your armpits, or on the underside of your arms? 

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I was wondering that too, lol. Either way, bad acne is awful to have, hopefully you'll grow out of it soon enough, OP. See a dermatologist if you haven't yet, and maybe it will get a little better...but even if not, it will probably get better with time, and you just have to live with it for now :(

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...Because genes are controllable. Go to a doctor OP.

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how about go **** yourself. sometimes acne is even out of the control of a good dermatologists hands. I'm sick of you ydi assholes

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#8 stfu, fyl for sucking at life.

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I agree with 4. You should take better care of your body.

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@10 lost of people just get really bad acne and they can't do anything about it.. this kid I went to school with and used to chill with took care of himself he was on sports teams he showered daily and ate healthy had horrible acne and he took medications that didn't help, and neither did creams/cleansers and stuff. so don't be such douche bags unless you know OP doesn't take care of themself.

I'm on the wrestling team, and I have been wrestling for years. Wrestling is a sport notorious for acne, but I don't have any, why? It's because I take care of my skin.

Um, no, you're just too stupid what going on during a match.

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That's all well and great, and you're lucky that you can just take care of it and it goes away, but some people can't. I know a few people who, no matter what they do, it just doesn't go away, and they've tried just about everything.

I think wrestling is a sport notorious for acne because it is also a sport notorious for steroid use and that can cause severe acne. I've always had blemish-free skin without doing much to earn it; my sister had severe acne the moment puberty hit and no medication, changes to her diet, cleansing, etc. helped her. Some people have hormonal imbalances or other medical or genetic issues that just cause acne.

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@27 Are you still here polluting this site?

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go 227! I agree...y'all are dicks