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Today, I shaved half my eyebrow off trying to shave my uni-brow. FML
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nellieelectron 0

Well, on the bright side, you don't have a uni-brow anymore!


LiyIa_fml 8

This is why I'm lucky to have blonde eye brows. When I accidently shaved half my eyebrow off, no one noticed :)

fluffy_nuggets 0

It hurts, but it's worth it! (Tweezing) When I was in 5th grade, I attempted to shave off my unibrow too and sliced off the corner... D: Now the corner is rough looking and I can't fix it without getting fancy with scissors and Im too scared to try. Morale of the story: Always tweeze your eyebrows, never shave them. Oh and I probably shouldn't have had a shaver in 5th grade I guess.. 0.o

linkinpark98 23

I'd rather be locked in a room with Justin Bieber than have that happen....

diidiimi 10

Definitely tweezers. Alternatively, you can get little tubes of wax and teeny cloth strips specifically for the eyebrows. Hurts like all hell, but at least it's fast. Tweezers hurt slightly less but it's a bit prolonged. There are some tricks to make it hurt less though. :-)

xoconnie 8

SHAVING A UNIBROW?! r u serious right now! u use tweezers for that. now u probably loook worse lol! god that sucks balls.

Just get dark brown ( or whatever color your eyebrow is ) pencils and fill it in.

d*mn. always read comments before you put your own...

is anyone elses app messed up since the update?

Obviously you don't have heavy brows. They MAKE shaving tools for eyebrows. It's not like this isn't something people do. Tweezing my eyebrows takes hours, literally. Shaving takes 30 seconds.

Justwannacoment 7

. next time, go to a barber shop to get it done maybe?

seriouslythat 6

You have a barber shop that does eyebrows? Barber shops over here only cut hair on their heads

Justwannacoment 7

Salons i guess? Where i live, there are salons that do hair thats on your head, or anywhere on your body.

The "barber shop" my dad goes to, trims his eyebrows and..... his nose hairs that stick out. Blah! Once in a while he'll treat himself and get a clean shave with a straight razor and hot towels on his face.(:

perdix 29

#37, Nose/Ear Hair trimmers make a great Xmas gift that says, "We care." It also says, "Yeah, we notice."

diidiimi 10

Sometimes they also do the icky ear hairs as well.... *shudder*

15- yes, nail salons do eye brow waxing and threading. I wonder who came up with the idea of pairing eyebrow threading and painting people's nails.

autumnleighf 0

Salons do eyebrows silly, a good amount of salons have waxing and such

The_Troller 14

But I would like to point out that OP was probably embarrassed by it, and said "I can do this by myself". But he/she failed in the end, causing more embarrassment than there would have been had they gone to a barber in the first place

How the hell did you do that?! Did someone jog you?

I've heard of people being jumped or even taxed, but never jogged..

Yeah skinny people run up to obese people and make them run,

It means knock, I think it's an English thing ;)

So is spotted dick, but they never promote that raisin topped treat.

lol its easy to do xD my brother did the same thing..

He was probably trying to shave his brows with a chainsaw..

bitchslapped22 14

Yes, that's it, he chainsawed his eyebrows off

missamazinggg 12

2, I hope you don't plan on breeding.

Strafeh 9

Well played. Perfect leverage. Lead right into the execution. Then fail

yepadoodles 3

what the flibity chuck do you mean by that?

nellieelectron 0

Well, on the bright side, you don't have a uni-brow anymore!

builditbetter09 3

A Unibrow is already a solo brow...

iparker97 0

Depends...he might have just shaved off the side of the uni-brow

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FYLDeep 25

Then she could be like those people that shave their eyebrows off and draw them back on with makeup. Of course it doesn't make them look any less stupid.

52- my grandpa's girlfriend does that... She forgot to draw one of them on once :)

ikickgingers 15

75. - my grandpa's girlfriend this week has her eyebrows tattooed on. She always looks surprised. :/

-95 Your grandpa has a girlfriend every week? That's pretty cool. I wish my grandpa was like yours! :(

At first glance I thought your comment said "there's always therapy." but I suppose that works out too!

linkinpark98 23

Only ****** use Sharpies. Always see some girl walking down the street, looking like she's surprised all the time. :P

Maybe you should tweeze instead of shave... Plus that's violating No Shave November ;)

cjguthrie 8

No shave noveber is ******* gross!!!!!!

Anyone who says no shave november is gross obviously doesn't have anything to shave

How the **** is it gross? Lots of people keep mustaches/beards or keep that unshaven look, but it doesn't mean they don't keep proper hygiene.

gene818 13

It's Movember, an annual moustache growing charity event for raising awareness for men's health.

diidiimi 10

Just cause it's November doesn't mean you can't trim!! There's no excuse for scruffiness. There's very few people in this world that can get away with letting their facial hair run wild. Even Santa trims sometimes.

13- it's not gross. It's fully natural! Cavemen are more attractive anyway ;)

FYLDeep 25

I hope you're not a surgeon. Your hands aren't nearly steady enough.

107- you honestly think that comment was difficult to comprehend? Smh...