By baseball25635 - 01/10/2009 18:27 - United States

Today, I was at my son's baseball game when a foul ball came flying toward my brand new car. In an attempt to save my windshield, I dove onto trying to stop the ball only to land on my windshield, crack it and see the ball land safely on the ground next to my car. FML
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sux_2_b_you 0

F your sons life for having a retard like you for a dad.


dcbog123 0

wtf, you must be some sorta fat ass to crack a windsheild like that. YDI for being fat

for the record I'm 6'6'' 215 LBS so if you consider that a fat ass then guilty as charged

Reyo 2

Now let's assume the ball WAS headed right for your windshield, and you managed to dive in front of it just in you think that kind of impact would feel good on the sternum?

GASP! The OP posted a comment on his own FML. That rarely ever happens!

hbgoddard 0

Dumb ass. You really couldn't tell that your car didn't lie within the trajectory of the ball?

KillerNomNoms 0

sorry, we aren't all math geeks like you

YTDI for being fat, a normal weigt person can't crack the windshield

The average adult is about 150 pounds. I'm fairly certain 150 pounds on glass is going to break it.

first of all yea 150 can still break it and second on average more like 180 for men

You're kind of an asshat. Grow up and quit judging. You don't even know what this guy looks like

When it comes to judging flies, you ought to stick to evaluating the insects. You stink at the other.

Expertfail 0

That. Well, it's all kinds of bad, isn't it?

sux_2_b_you 0

F your sons life for having a retard like you for a dad.

So_Yeah 0

>.< wow that sucks, I hope they can fix it cheaply for you. Windscreens can be expensive. Its a pity it wasn't just part of your car you can fix with duct tape... >.> not that I've done that before.

Depth perception fail. don't jump on your cars windshield. even if the ball was gunning for it, you landed on it too.