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  fmlwinnn  |  0

It's ok, OP! I had some hair waxed too. I broke out as well. It's probably normal. I'm sure your acne is much worse than mine, though. My facial hair was waxed. Which reminds me of an FML where a 19-year-old girl had facial hair. I'm a 15-year-old girl
with facial hair >.>

By  Person1233  |  12

It's not like anyone sees your back.


Or maybe just see a dermatologist.

By  xk75  |  4

Just get proactiv and a long-handled loofa brush for scrubbing it in. And speak to the salon about using a different wax or after cream/oil.

I commend you for the hair removal!

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

Proactive would actually make it worse. Proactive is strong, and meant for chronic acne problems, not a one-time breakout from waxing. And the reaction is more likely due to being waxed, rather than the wax itself (although I highly suggest finding a salon that uses a hard, stripless wax that uses natural ingredients like beeswax. Not only is it less painful but it doesn't take off that top layer of skin like soft, strip wax does).

This is actually a normal reaction, especially for someone who has never waxed before. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it can happen. Use cortisone cream to help clear up the reaction. The OP also needs an ingrown hair serum or tea-tree oil. You're a candidate for ingrown hairs if you've never waxed before, and they can often look like a breakout. OP also needs a good exfoliant. I actually suggest using a fruit based one (pineapple enzymes are a fantastic exfoliant). The long and short of it: you exposed follicles that have never been exposed and your body is reacting (in a sense, trying to protect). I highly suggest making sure you to to a reputable salon if you get waxed again - make sure the waxer is a licensed esthetician (never go to a nail salon for waxing!). Also, make sure they never double-dip or reuse/refilter their wax. No matter what they tell you, you CANNOT heat wax high enough to kill anything that may contaminated it (bacteria, viruses, etc. And yes. That can and has happened...).

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Well, I hear that people who can't manage to put together a proper sentence are dumb. So forgive me for really not caring about your overly capitalized, grammatically incorrect, and unnecessarily rude opinions.

  getviolated  |  5

39- we have so much in common! because when I get on semi-anonymous threads I like to defend kids who I'll never ever meet. it makes me feel like some kind of super hero and i named myself cyber-protector. TWINZZZZZ

By  nadhirah  |  4

well, yeah it happens. but only at first. the next time u wax, there won't be as much "pimples". I think they're just your pores. without the hair, those germs enter, and swell, making it look like a pimple. but don't worry about it :) next time, apply cooling cream or put a damp towel on your back :)

  YayFlameWarz  |  9

43- Actually my pubes burned to death due to a house fire when my electric razor malfunctioned! I could do nothing to help them, thanks alot you heartless dick :'(