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Today, I found myself admiring my eyelids for being the only parts of my face not covered in acne. FML
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bobo_the_bear 5

Been there. Acne is one of the few drawbacks to being young.

#2 Cure? Are you severely incapable of common sense?


bobo_the_bear 5

Been there. Acne is one of the few drawbacks to being young.

Me too. Mine went away naturally. I tried using all those creams, they never worked.

Comet_Candy 23

I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum... I have extremely dry skin. But, a good weekly exfoliation can do wonders for acne-prone skin c:

Some skin is just prone. I'm 33 and still have bad skin. Difference is, I don't really care now!

baseballdude1283 18

The cure for acne; quit picking your zits

#2 Cure? Are you severely incapable of common sense?

Picking spots CAN cause scarring. Not picking them just means you have an unpicked spot. It doesn't 'cure' acne.

ha been there in my early teens. The cure is literally eating only healthy and fresh and drinking a lot of water and visiting a dermatologist. Your skin will become as smooth as a baby's bum.

There is no CURE. Besides i pick acne and immediately put acne medication of it and my skin if great.

well it made my acne disappear so it was a cure for me.

30 - There can be cures, depending on the person. I was put on Accutane a few years ago and I've had clear skin ever since.

Lady_Face 12

If it's that bad you should consider Accutane.

accutane should be the very last resort and only if you're extremely desperate and your acne is somehow very negatively affecting how you live your life. otherwise it should be avoided.

Accutane gave my friend terrible depression

After various topical and oral acne medicines failed to work on me, I spent 10 months on Accutane. Winter was pretty bad because my skin was drier than Zach Galifianakis' humor. My lips were chapped for the whole duration, but it was nothing a little Vaseline couldn't solve. Granted, it's easier for guys to take. Girls have a much larger ordeal because getting pregnant with it is really bad I guess. However, my acne vanished and hasn't made a reappearance. It's supposed to be a permanent fix, so I'd say a little temporary dry skin is worth an acne free life.

Accutane is good for acne but is also proven to cause major emotional issues. Too the point I thought the FDA pulled it. My ex wife took that and doesn't remember the major league arguments we used to have.

I used Tetracycline when I used to break out. It's an antibiotic that you take twice a day, and not only does it clear up acne, it helps fight other infections like UTI. Use it for 3 months straight and take a 3 month break before taking it again so your body doesn't become immune to it. Haven't had any side effects or felt my skin being extra dry and sensitive the way topical creams like Retin-A do to me. It's always worth a try! (Tetracycline is a yellow & orange capsule pill, available at most pharmacies without a prescription. My uncle is a doctor and he recommended it to me)

ninety 25

My doctor prescribed me an antibiotic called bactrum, I think, and I quit using acne washes and picked up an anti-bacterial body wash instead that I use on my face as well as my back. My acne flared up a bit for about a week, but after another week my face and back cleared up almost completely and are much clearer now than they have been for awhile. It was a cheap solution, about $10 total for the medication and soap.

piggle 9

I took accutane and it worked wonders for me. I lucked out and didn't have any of the emotional or physical side effects, not even dry skin. To those who are saying it's bad, you shouldn't discourage someone from taking it just because you or someone you know had a bad experience with it. Everyone's going to have different reactions to it, so you should only take medical advice from your doctor

Try rubbing toothpaste on those spots, it'll make it swell less or just hide the spots :)

Apparently the toothpaste home remedy is total crap, because other products in the toothpaste (like the sorbitol perhaps) can increase the inflammation. Apparently... so don't shoot the messenger. I left mine on for MAYBE 10 minutes and it burned my skin.. );

Use exposed skin care. Proactive didn't do anything for me but now I'm all clear.

this is the best way to treat it with toothpaste. also ice helps too depending on what kind of pimple

addioty 19

Toothpaste burns my skin. What helps my skin clear up is face wash, specific zit treatment cream and lots of moisturizer.

Whatever you do, don't pick! That causes scaring.

Easier said than done. When you have a huge pus filled pimple on your face and your about to go out in public, I think I know what most people would do.

On the bright side, it'll probably clear up eventually! Maybe buy some spot cream or pads (like Clearasil) and make sure you use moisturiser if you do, since they can dry your skin out.

ButterflyHaze 25

Awww... Make sure you wash your face, bro. And don't touch it too often..

Not sure why this is being down voted, all very acne-prone people should wash their face in the morning and at night. And touching it makes it extra oily, obviously.

J_Kertz 14

FML users are kinda vicious... They just like to downvote stuff I suppose :p

lisaroxmysoxx 16

Hey, your lips probably aren't covered in acne either!

for your acne you should try cetaphil(sp) , not touch your face , cut back on soda, and if its as severe as you claim go to a dermatologist

You must know. You awkwardly love 90% of acne. Only kiddin'!

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16- Try that again, but in English.