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Today, I found out there is such a thing as eyebrow dandruff, and that I have it. FML
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There's actually a pretty easy fix to that. Just rub moisturizer or lotion into them and make sure to get the skin behind all the eyebrow hairs. Voila! Problem obliterated.

Rawwrness 3

just hope they have a head and shoulders for eyebrows...


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jajajajajaja first threadjacker that's wuts up!!!!!

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Oh yeah, ewww is right. That honestly sounds impossible lol.

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eww nasty.

#12 Yep! Easy as that, seriously. Dandruff is just dry skin in an area where hair grows, so the problem is solved when you moisturize that area. :P

missmurderx 8

erm... condition them? ewh. that's nasty! D:

littlemissdqgirl 8

lotion op it works wonders:)

Dry skin.. duh OP

go to head and shoulders! I'm sure they could use you?! think about iiiiit maaaaaan! you could be a prodigy in the world of dandruff (sp? ..there there gramar pheines)! commerciaaals, ads up in the back of them teenager magaziiiines. I mean you'd be revolutionizing the industry... all these years we thought it was just the head... it's the brooows too maaaan whitch yu'oll dUHsty laundry detergent hiid! haha I luhv uhmehrica

ha ha this is the funniest medical condition I've ever heard of

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I forgot to add do not use soap or the same washcloth as your body.

i have big eyebrows and never came across that amazing another damn thing to worry about

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ewwwww FYL

that is actually pretty amazing..... like ewww amazing though lol

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someone needs some lotion :/ ew.

waiting for the next fml where the guy has back hair dandruff.

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is it possible it's just dandruff from the hair that fell on the eyebrows?? still very gross.

It's just dry flaky skin. Exfoliate and put on lotion. Bam! You're good to go!

KiddNYC1O 20

lol 16.

well the only way u could have dandruff on ur eyebrows is if u didn't shower enough so come on just take a shower

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Damn that would be attractive.

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NO IT WOULDENT!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!

kidsanchez1 4

wow that's is horrible

rohosoccer08 1

that would suck but idk why people are saying gross, it's just dry skin

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dang girl u got sum sexy legs. ure ass is prolly better ;)

your baby is cute 84

I noee god, it's so annoying how the fml group decide on posting retarded fmls like this and they never accept good ones! these fmls r getting really boring because their problems r stupid

rohosoccer08 1

thanks 91... she's my little miracle baby!

One of my friends totally has this same problem xD It's just kinda funny, that's all

63- Nuh uh. it's just dry skin. OP just needs to use lotion. that's all. showering makes skin drier.

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rawrcupcakes take the writing out of your name

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Do they have a dandruff shampoo for asshole hairs too? I need em :]

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Eew like your tattoo.

109 ur not being fucken serious r u?

well, take it this way. it will always snow in front of your eyes ^^

fruitaypatootay 1

not if your black or if you have bushy eyebrows

HAHA! ew thats really gross. Wash your eyebrows with head& shoulders??

Not so much, really. It's called blepharitis and there's all kinds of shit you have to do to treat it, including eyedrops, hot compresses, and occasionally ointment, and once you have it, it can flare up even when you think you've gotten rid of it. It's a pain.

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lol head and shoulders...and eyebrows.

NatandAlexrhot 6

um ew.

alexxss_fml 10

sarcasm sweetie

alexxss_fml 10

lmfaoooo good one man!!! ahahahaha ! :)

how is this possible op u must have some bushy eyebrow lol

I used to have that. I had to lotion them every day lol it sucked. And it wasn't really gross, as long as I kept them moisturized, u couldn't tell. Then one day, it just went away...

tienjt 3

Eyelash dandruff exists too. I used to have it. :/

24 were you stoned when you commented? lol you sound like me and my friend when we're stoned

ey 153 I call BS asains don't have eyelashes bitch!

#5 you're ignorant this has nothing to do with hygiene. My boyfriend gets it and its basically just dry skin.

Ew. that's not weird at all bud

Tikwichka 5

It is only dry skin! He thinks it is dandruff because his skin is flaking. How stupid, use some moisturiser!

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Eew. Wash your smelly ass op!

Tikwichka 5

Since when did dry, flaking skin and being smelly/needing to shower have a causal relationship? Dry skin is due to reduced moisture levels in the skin, which can actually be caused by harsh soap products and too much washing.

Tikwichka: just ignore these idiots. It could very well be dry skin, and in this case washing more often would indeed make the whole thing worse. Or it could be a seborrheic dermatitis (not sure of the english name. dermatite maybe?), and in this case there would be nothing to make fun of or to be disgusted about. With a good treatment it can be managed though. I have it on my sclap. Sometimes, when I'm stressed out, it comes back, but with the appropriate shampoo it doesn't show at all. But some are less lucky and also have it on their eyebrows, face, and other body parts. And it's for life... So no, it can be due to anything, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with not showering often enough. Jerks.

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Aw shut up xFaust or w/e. What are you some kind of doctor? He probably does need a shower

"Hated_By_FML" is the right name for you :/

137: I'm a med student actually...

Well It could be regular dandruff, fallen from ops hair and stuck in his eyebrows...

Rawwrness 3

just hope they have a head and shoulders for eyebrows...

head and shoulders uses the same shit in a different bottle. my coworker used to work there.

head shoulders & eyebrows LOOOOOL

Shave your eyebrows and draw them on!

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wow, sexy. least it's not crabs.

There's actually a pretty easy fix to that. Just rub moisturizer or lotion into them and make sure to get the skin behind all the eyebrow hairs. Voila! Problem obliterated.

That is a good fact

duma191 21

I get it too and I just use a little dandruff shampoo on my eyebrows. it works really well.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

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head and shoulders for eyebrows. or just put head and shoulders on ur eyebrows. that's sucks!!!

Rawwrness 3

^ u stole mine!!! =P

what does op stand for?

original poster.

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oversize penis. yummy :)

Rawwrness 3


& alsoo. that sounds gross but it's actually really normal you just need to moisturize them with lotion

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don't beleve it till I see it

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Google it

Are you sure it's not just ordinary dandruff that slipped into your eyebrows?