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Today, my dad stopped me mid-sentence and said he wanted to punch me in the face and set me on fire for using the word "selfie". FML
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And then you take a selfie of you with him in the background, setting you on fire. All about that #selfie


Maybe you should've taken a selfie with him.

Do you realize a groupie is someone who follows bands around?

@29, Do you realize that some words have more than one definition? Probably not based on your comment there.

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Do you all realize that it's all just pop culture and you all need to chill?

You know, people aren't quite fond of dicks. Which definition would you like to be for that word? The crusty, wrinkly appendage or a jerk?

#45 your coment had me on the edge.....Horrible visualizations.

45- The description of crusty... I'm not sure weather you've never seen one, or you've made choices with very unhygienic men...

I made it as gross sounding as possible because I imagine that person like so.

It's actually a dussie. Uh no sorry it's a tuggy

And then you take a selfie of you with him in the background, setting you on fire. All about that #selfie

Whether or not you deserve it depends on the context.

Well, setting her alight seems slightly over the top even if she is a "selfie taker". Hard to argue against a good punch in the face if she is, though...

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If I was 21 I would buy him a case of beer for that comment.

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You got downvoted because people didn't like your comment, so quit whining about it. There's nothing more annoying when people try to defend themselves after having a comment downvoted. Also, 49 didn't even say "your", he said "you're". So, the only real mistake he made was leaving out the apostrophe, which was likely only a typing error.

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But first, let me take a selfie.

You, are hilarious. I did not see that coming.

I can't say I blame him. I would have added "after you're ablaze, I would quell the inferno with a mighty stream of urine"

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I would have to agree with pops