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  realggirl  |  0

I had to do 3 rounds of Accutane over 5 years. :(
At least it improved it.

Proactive made it worse for me.

But yeah, I've been able to see acne out of my peripheral vision for most of my life.

  Lonely_Lez  |  0

Accutane is kind of intense. I was only on it for 5 months and it killed my lips, wounds wouldn't heal and I got SUPER depressed, but it really helped my face. :P Oh, and it's being sued for causing Inflammatory Bowel Disease in patients. Fun times.


do not use accutane, so bad for you. I am not a serious health nut, but taking something that dries up your organs is not good.

There's something better out there, called Retin-A...try and get the mexican formula (much, much stronger for some reason). Its a creme that chemically removes layers of your skin so it regenerates itself faster. Use it for a month, you'll works wonders.

Makes you look younger too

FYI: Stay out of the sun!!!!!

  Duckasaurus  |  0

Anyone who says YDI is retarded. It's impossible to control in some cases.
And anyone who says to get Proactive is retarded. Proactive worsens it a lot of the time.