By ew - 04/10/2009 15:41 - United States

Today, I noticed that my acne has gotten so bad, I can see it out of my peripheral vision. FML
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a blind man will try and read your face soon

Read the book "The Acne Cure" by Dubrow. It helped me a lot.


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Ew, Proactive much?

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You act like it is not normal to get acne. Grow up. Maybe we have something about you that we can say EWW

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Ew. Proactive sucks. ACCUTANCE, JA JA JA

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I had to do 3 rounds of Accutane over 5 years. :( At least it improved it. Proactive made it worse for me. But yeah, I've been able to see acne out of my peripheral vision for most of my life.

If it took them this long to notice, they're clearly not cleaning regularly. Op, YDI

Accutane is kind of intense. I was only on it for 5 months and it killed my lips, wounds wouldn't heal and I got SUPER depressed, but it really helped my face. :P Oh, and it's being sued for causing Inflammatory Bowel Disease in patients. Fun times.

do not use accutane, so bad for you. I am not a serious health nut, but taking something that dries up your organs is not good. There's something better out there, called Retin-A...try and get the mexican formula (much, much stronger for some reason). Its a creme that chemically removes layers of your skin so it regenerates itself faster. Use it for a month, you'll works wonders. Makes you look younger too FYI: Stay out of the sun!!!!!

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best solution, go to your doctor and see what they recommend

Anyone who says YDI is retarded. It's impossible to control in some cases. And anyone who says to get Proactive is retarded. Proactive worsens it a lot of the time.

I've never had acne problems. Thank the Lord for Asian genetics.

Look at a mirror sometime.

LOL "Accutane can cause severe, life-threatening birth defects. Never use Accutane if you are pregnant." that was on the website, WTF

proactiv didn't do shit for me but thank gawd my acne isn't that bad. i'm going to the doctor on thursday so i can get a dermatologist. =)

Yeh they make you sign a waver that says if you get pregnant you will have an abortion if you're taking it.

Asian genetics come out very small in some place ;) lol

a blind man will try and read your face soon

LOL! Brailleface.

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iPhone first that's sick get treatment

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time to see a specialist.

Thanks for telling us.

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go get health insurance and get yourself to the dermatologist.. that is horrible.. learn how to take care of your skin...

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It happens naturally and is something most people go through... Maybe treatments don't work for her so there is really not much she can do about it

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go put on some cream and wash your face more often

Acne is normal. But if it gets to where you can see it without a mirror.... Come on! Its a problem!

Read the book "The Acne Cure" by Dubrow. It helped me a lot.

Do something about it if you notice its that bad