By eww - 27/10/2010 05:24 - United States

Today, my dandruff issue is so awful that even my eyebrows have dandruff. FML
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roastedalmond 0

Well at least you don't have it on your eyelashes.


overthelimit 3

never wear black without the blue...selsun blue!!

trueblue42 4

it's time for a trip to the dermatologist

one guy at my school had it on his eyelashes too

I have the same problem D: ******* sucks, and I already use dandruff shampoo :L

dandruff shampoo doesn't always work, don't wash with hot water use cold water coz it helps keep the moisture in

MissErikaHart 0

EW! I'm sorry but that's freakin gross as hell.

confusdsincbirth 5

don't worry mate I have it too it is a skin condition not dangerous but it just sheds faster than other people

I think it's time to invest in shampoo.

so unlucky man. nah but really how did that he'll did that happen

22cute 17

thank God u realized it! I'm sure your friends have been creapily aware of it for some time.

Holy crap I was just watching Sherlock Holmes, an then I saw your profile pic!!!

I've had that problem since I was a kid. I've always used head & shoulders and it's gone away. try it out

head and shoulders is fantastic!! but it stings if u get it in ur eyes lol even more than normal shampoo :/

HAHAHAH. What do you call an aboriginal with dandruff? A lamington!! **** you if you don't like my racist jokes.

roastedalmond 0

Well at least you don't have it on your eyelashes.

your a scruff. use a different shampoo?

shave your head, use products and/or moisturize and you'll be fine