By Larentiah - 26/02/2012 22:18 - United States

Today, I realized how bad my feelings of inadequacy compared to other women and jealousy are when I started thumbing down songs on Pandora simply because the cover art had a better looking woman than me on it. FML
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Wow. its okay, just listen to some justin bieber...

Sounds like you should seek some sort of counseling.


Wow. its okay, just listen to some justin bieber...

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1- :o but Justine Bieber is a pretty lady...

Sonic assault is never the answer, except in extradition cases.

Why, she would just have more of a legit reason to thumb down the songs!

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you have serious self esteem issues. you need to go talk to a doctor or something before it gets worst. you can go into like depression or something :(

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Wow 67 your like some sort of genius or something. Did you ever think she's already depressed about how she looks since she thumbs down songs because of their cover art ?

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^ awe thank you!! :) and I know right! I feel sorry for her :(

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Umm...67? Pretty sure she was being sarcastic when she called you some kinda Genuis...

I'm sure you're beautiful OP. Think highly of yourself and others will follow. Now I don't mean turn into a conceited female dog, but have a little confidence. This is probably just a phase, you'll get over it. Good luck!

On an unrelated note, 70's comment nearly made me laugh out loud. Either sarcasm flys completely over her head, she's a complete stereotypical blonde, or she's extremely optimistic. Her comments do amuse me nonetheless!

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84- I agree. I just read one of her other comments on another FML and I thought to myself, "Wow this is a genuine blonde." Like not in a bad way, but holy crap her comments make me laugh.

Maybe you should try to boost your confidence op? Try changing your style or focusing on your features you like

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80 - no, I don't think she was being sarcastic. otherwise why would she have complimented me by saying I was a genius? and I don't understand why y'all find my comments so amusing. I only try to be helpful :P but nonetheless, thank you!! :)

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105- Your comments are funny because, no offense, you just seem a lil clueless. I'm not trying to be mean at all so don't take it that way haha. You are very entertaining :)

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105- eaither you're a troll or too much perixide has seeped into your brain, cuz seriously the smileys and exclamation marks are superduper annoying!!!1!1!:) :)

#67 I know this has nothing to do with the thread but damn girl u have amazing hair!

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111- that picture has been on tumblr for at least a year...pretty sure that's not actually her.

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111- that picture has been on tumblr for at least a year...pretty sure that's not actually her.

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Juicystar777- The only thing I can think of when I read your comments is "oh honey, please tell me you aren't that oblivious." Then I read your profile and you confirmed my fears. You seem like a sweet person, but you are oblivious to sarcasm. I'm sure they weren't literally calling you a genius, but I can honestly say I enjoy your oblivion it makes for a great read. Keep the comments coming juicy, we all enjoy them :)

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She's not trying to kill herself with Justin Bieber.

#70 is always nice, but all her comments make her look so stupid.

Guys!! Shes in her own bubble, we should sit and watch before we spook her! I think we should just observe and see what happends

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115 - no, I'm pretty SURE you won't find my pic on "tumblr" unless you've seen it recently. I do have a tumblr and I posted the pic I have on my FML account there, but only my school knows about yes, that is me :P although im not going to lie, I did kind of copy the whole cliche that people do of taking pics like that (with their hair showing) so yeah :P lol

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and thank you people who said nice things about me!! I really appreciate it :) and I will admit I can be oblivious to things a lot of times :P and I'm not really good with sarcasm :( but haha yeah..thanks again! :))

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Wow, I can't believe all of you are that oblivious. Juicystar777 is a troll, they are trolling and trying to mock a specific person at the same time. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a guy.

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Wow..... Everyone just got TROLLED hardcore by juicystar777. Quite funny. Props juicy, you show them who's oblivious!!! ;)

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what are you guys saying? i promise I'm not "trolling" don't trolls have red hair? i don't even know what that means. >:/

Juicy- Girl for your own sake I suggest you google sarcasm and trolling... You are too oblivious for your own good

I agree. I think Juicy knows exactly what she's doing and is putting one over on all of us.

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14- Justine got the hairstyle from me! I'm older!

165- Sarcasm: A way of insulting idiots without them knowing.

#180, damn! I've been going with the wrong definition for 16 years thanks for the clarification! (hint: u should google the definition cause that's definitely not it)

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179, that just sounds like ur calling urself a girl now

68, depression is a serious psychological condition. When people say they're depressed day-to-day, they clearly have no clue what real depression is, they're just down...

165- You were doing so good, but you blew your cover there with, "Don't trolls have red hair?". Very impressive trolling. If you are just that oblivious, there's nothing I can say to insult you further than what you've said yourself.

Sounds like you should seek some sort of counseling.

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Sounds like you should get a life

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SillyFart was referring to himself. Check mate?

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I was referring to the guy u commented under...

Don't worry OP, if you're like the rest of society who tries to come up with reasons why you're better than them, it should go a little like this: 'Oh they're more attractive, I bet they have more sex, which makes her a *****, so by default I'm better'. That's why I embrace open sexuality, because the only reason it's looked down upon is to make people who aren't having sex feel better. It's just human stupidity at its finest. But I bet you're better than that. Go find yourself a man who thinks so aswell!

I think he means like... MrMisfit... It's kinda blindingly obvious, bro.

Oh you think I'm the retarded MrMisfit? well I'll have you know that I'm not related in any way to him/her. I'm Ryan parkinson from north carolina, but I moved out to San francisco to pursue graphic art, actually you can view some of my portfolio on deviant art!

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I'm Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

ThecomingofTan 9

Oh, so you are my father. Where the hell have you been for the past 19 years man? You owe me a ******* Huffy bike, old man.

Forget the huffy bike, young one, you still have much to learn. Together we could rule the galaxy!

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You got yourself a deal, sugar ****.

Oh, and by the way, that chick you banged.. she was your sister.

Everyone is at least a little insecure. But that's too much.

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Don't worry about it OP. Every. Single. One of those girls you see on cover art are photoshopped I can assure you. Dont compare yourself to them

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I've never done that, I don't really see what it would accomplish or why someone would do something like that in the first place, but everyone has their own ways of dealing with things I guess.

It accomplishes how stupid and ignorant you are, honestly. A lot of people would do it, but a lot wouldn't. I don't blame anyone who rates my comment bad.. it's truly pathetic.

Don't be too hard on yourself, bro/sis. Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step to beating it.

eh, it's better to be real hard on my self.. otherwise i would be a carefree emotional brat crying over my looks all the time. I'm not as bad as I was before.

Seriously? If it's gotten to that point, get help. Feeling inadequate about one's appearance is unhealthy but unfortunately expected. That level of feeling inadequate is really, really unhealthy. Get some help in the self-esteem department.

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Most pictures of models And women like that are enhanced. No one actually looks like that. Not to mention I don't believe someone should be judged by their appearance.

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I beg to differ, I have seen some pretty gorgeous people in my life.

Ugly people think everything has been photoshopped.

"Thank you, Susan Boyle!!!" *Thumbs up*

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*thumbs up ke$ha* ..*skips the song*

41 ment to thumb you up-- add 2 to be more accurate

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A thoroughly wrong and deeply flawed response. This is a most indecent and inadequate way of thinking... *Too..many..big..words..brain..commencing..self-destruct..sequence..*. What I meant to say is every women is beautiful. (no sarcasm for you sarcasm non-detecting individuals) *duck! The trolls attack!*.

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112: I'm going to assume there was a somewhat heartfelt message in that 'cause that made no sense haha