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  Today, I was having sex with my husband. We thought the house was empty so we didn't mind being loud. Apparently, my grandma thought it would be fun to give us a surprise visit. All I found was a note on the counter from her and the spare key saying "Next time, I'll call." FML
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  Bootle  |  10

I agree. It's her own problem if she just drops in unannounced. OP, you're married and it's your damn house so screw her (no pun intended). Not to be mean and I understand it makes you feel awkward, but if you can't make love however you like in your own house, then where can you? That really is her problem and damn right she'll call next time. I always tell my friends I don't mind if they wanna swing by on short notice, but they better warn me. What you see and hear if you drop by unannounced is your own problem, and if I tell you no if you phone me 5mins before stopping at my house, then tough luck for you.


9- a sock on the door is a way of warning others (usually non-significant other housemates, sorority or fraternity members, etc) that sexual acts are occurring in the room that is marked with with a sock on the door.

  elidine  |  0

I don't give copies of my house keys to anyone. If I want someone to have temp access to my house then I will give them my key. I don't need any popovers while im strokin my woman listening to Clarence carter...

  _Oblivion_  |  12

At least yours doesn't accidently open your mail, mail as in credit card info. Mine lives in the appartment in our basement and she does her best to intrude on anything private. So annoying

  israelnotjacob  |  20

Yes it is the grandma's problem and the couple shouldn't be embarrassed to simply acknowledge that they simply have a sex life if they're married, but that doesn't mean it isn't awkward when a close relative has a front row seat for the details of it. That's like saying you wouldn't care if you had a relative in the room because it's natural and a married couple has the right. Yeah I'm sure people are going to respond to this and claim they would do that because they think they're funny, but in reality nobody would actually feel comfortable with that.

But yes I will agree that in the long run she's the one who should be embarrassed for just coming by without any notice if it wasn't an emergency. The whole point of a married couple having a private home is so they can have their own space to do what they want, including sex.

  gardenwhipped3  |  14

The UPS Store is amazing. That way you can have all your business, sent to a business, and it will stay YOUR business. :-) They also accept packages, so neighbors and bad weather don't cause problems.