By Upfront - 06/04/2016 05:19 - United States - Denver

Today, I confronted my very passive-aggressive roommate about taking out the trash. With a smug smile, she insisted that I should write her a letter if I want to argue. FML
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Dump all the trash in her room and leave a letter "You're with your people now"

trellz17 19

If only howlers were real.


trellz17 19

If only howlers were real.

At least the line of communication is open.

Barely. You can easily toss out and ignore a letter.

yeah and then not take out the trashed letter. ooh even worse

It seems that 10 and 35 have their sarcasm detectors turned off today.

Dump all the trash in her room and leave a letter "You're with your people now"

P.S. Can you take out the trash Sincerely, your roommate

I feel the same way about room mates that I do about relationships. If you're gonna bicker and be mad about petty things and it's past the point of discussion then it's time to move on.

Unfortunately if you're tied into a lease and can't afford to live on your own it's often not that easy to get rid of crappy flatmates. I lived with 3 horrendously messy guys for a year because I had signed a 12 month contract.

For sure. I know it's not always realistic, I had to live with a horribly controlling girlfriend for a year before I could afford to move out. However sucky it is, sometimes it's best to just handle things and keep quiet.

Go shawshank redemption on your roommate and write them a letter a day

Never heard of someone doing that whenever she needs something from you tell her to write a letter. Her: "I broke my leg can you ple-" You: "Write a letter"

Dear roommate, Take out the garbage. Sincerely, your roommate.

Sounds like you need to kick your roommate out if she can't do her share of the chores.

I always thought people who genuinely prefer to sort out simple house keeping tasks in such an inefficient way didn't actually exist. I was wrong. Unless you have problems controlling your emotions properly and start crying or shouting at the drop of the hat, it's so much easier to talk in person.