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Today, my mother kept nagging at me because my 9-month-old daughter only calms down when I play her metal. She demands I use gospel, otherwise she will turn into a "devil-worshipping lunatic like her mother". FML
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I love rocking out to some metal with baby cousin. Sound like an awesome kid you got. :)

sucks for you op next time you should say 'I hope she doesnt turn out like her grandmother'' and see what she says about that


I love rocking out to some metal with baby cousin. Sound like an awesome kid you got. :)

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As long as it isn't black metal there shouldn't be a cause for concern...

babies normally like what mamma likes since that's most likely what they heard in the womb. Tell your mother its your kid, not hers, therefore you get to pick it all. From the music to the food to the religion, you get the only say. Provided you are self sufficient, if your living with her or something like that, you are going to have to take the good with the bad.

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#18, I believe that's the child's choice, not the mother's.

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I like listening to metalcore with my bro in the room He's two. he likes to dance to it :o

@79: No. According to Wikipedia, "Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. Common traits include fast tempos, shrieked vocals, highly distorted guitars played with tremolo picking, blast beat drumming, raw (lo-fi) recording and unconventional song structures...Initially a synonym for "Satanic metal",[6] black metal is often met with hostility from mainstream culture. Many artists express extreme anti-Christian and misanthropic views, and several of the genre's "second wave" pioneers have been convicted for church burnings and murder. There is also a small neo-Nazi movement within black metal, although most fans and prominent artists shun Nazism and oppose its influence on black metal.[5][7][8], the most common lyrical theme is opposition to Christianity[12] and other organized religions. As part of this, many artists write lyrics that could be seen to promote atheism, antitheism, paganism or Satanism.[17] The anti-Christianity of secular or pagan artists is often linked to the Christianization of their countries. Other oft-explored themes are depression, nihilism, misanthropy,[17] death and other dark topics. However, over time, many artists have begun to focus more on topics like winter, nature, mythology, folklore, philosophy and fantasy." I realize you may have been trying to be funny, but if you were, you failed. Fake calls on racism are completely overdone.

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#58 Yep... because the 9 month old baby can make its own decisions.

90, I know exactly what black metal is, thanks. For a while, (a long LONG while) it looked like the joke went over your head. I'm glad that you got it though.

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole. Or, Parents pick the music, everyone else shuts their cakehole.


As long as it's metal and not this crap that's black veil brides and pierce the veil.

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#174 don't disrespect a band to others just because you don't like it yourself. If you did that to a band i listened to, i would ignore you and tell you you're wasting your time. If you have a negative opinion, its probably best to just keep it to yourself to avoid arguments and being bitched at. Just saying ~~

I play heavy metal music in my room while babysitting my 7 month old nephew. He loves it. Most of the time, he even falls asleep to it. And I'm a Christian.

sucks for you op next time you should say 'I hope she doesnt turn out like her grandmother'' and see what she says about that

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What can you say, she likes the sound of primal and guttural music. Plus no music should be associated with religion unless its specifically made for it, rock isn't satanic its a small minority of artists and people that may give that impression.

Yeah, OP should compromise and play his baby Christian metal. Yes, it does exist.

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Or play that for the grandmother and show her the light side of metal

Christian metal: Living Sacrifice (death/metalcore), Becoming the Archetype (death metal), Horde (black metal), Stryper ('80s glam metal), Alice Cooper (shock rock, '90s or later) Search on Youtube for videos.

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Primal and guttural? I find that as practically saying that all metal is dear metal in that case. That ain't metal in my opinion, now Ratt, Motley Crue, even Steel Panther (I don't recomend letting your kid listen to them), now that's real metal :3 (forgot about HammerFall) Plus the fact i don't think it should be associated with religion unless it happens to be black metal which is basically anti religion, or white metal (same concept, but is pro religion)

I've listened to Motley Crue and other heavy metal music like that since I was two. I've listened to it with my dad all my life. I still listen to it.

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If you're into metal, then that's something your baby remembers from her time in your womb. Not your fault she finds it soothing.

Actually, it would be her fault. Not that there's anything wrong with her or her kid liking metal.

screw what your mother says, the fact that your child likes metal at such a young age is actually really awesome! plus your mom shouldn't tell you how to raise your child, it's yours not hers, she already had her chance to raise a child...

That's actually the strongest argument you can bring up towards her: She had her chance at raising a child, using her own ideas and morals, and ended up raising a "devil-worshipping lunatic". This should be conclusive enough proof to show that your mother has no idea how to avoid raising a child into a "satanic maniac".

ur baby has a good taste in music! Ur mom...not so much.

Im a metalhead and i turned out just fine :3 i like your baby by the way

You're no metalhead. A metalhead would'nt use the ":3" face. That's just the most unbrutal thing imaginable.

Listening to Asking Alexandria and Blackveil Brides does not make you a metal head.

My best friends boyfriend listens to death metal and he uses the c: and :3 face all the time. How are emoticons even associated with music at all? o.o

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I have to agree with 46. The genre of music you like doesn't determine what you're allowed to say or do. Each person is different and can't be expected to fit into a stereotype. I like wearing girly makeup and heels AND I aso enjoy using kitty emoticans. :3 Doesn't change the fact that I like blasting Horror Punk through my headphones or that my friends often get morbidly funny answers from me when they're having a casual conversation with me. It doesn't make me wrong. Everyone is an individual. Don't tell them what they can and can't do based off of what they like. Unless they're doing something illegal, but I think that goes without saying.

You can like something without being a stereotypical follower if it. They were defining a stereotypical metal-head, so you're all technically right. Using emoticons doesn't mean you can't like metal, but it does kind of make you not a stereotypical metal-head...

I know, I was joking of course. Toki Wartooth manages to be brutal and cute at the same time, after all. And cats are metal. They pounce and rip small animals to shreds. Still, using the face and calling yourself a metalhead does look kind of contradictory. m/-_-m/

Using :3 doesn't make you any less of a metalhead. I'm a metalhead and I use emoticons. So what? The way you act, the way you dress and what you say doesn't define the type of music you like.

It isn't up to your mother how you raise your child. Your kid digs metal, which is ******* awesome, and so what? Metal is not the gate to devil worshipping. Even if your child does turn out to worship Satan, what is wrong with that? Blood is blood, and nothing should ever change that. Unfortunately, older generations aren't as open minded. Best of luck raising your little head-banger. (:

Thanks for saving the next generation!