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Today, I finally realized that when my seemingly very judgmental fiancé makes negative comments about other women, it's actually just an excuse to keep ogling them. FML
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"Just look at how that dress clings to her body and cleavage, what a slut!"

Oldest trick in the book, love.


*Waits for the "what a dick, time for a new fiancé" comments*

You know, in a way, you basically made that comment. The FML community has a short fuse for statements like this. Sorry buddy, but here comes the boom.

8 - although you have a point, there are some people of the FML community who think that 1's comment counts as a type of joke. One that some find funny. Some of us dislike those jokes, myself included, and all we can do is thumb it down and let it happen.

I completely understand. I was just warning him of his imminent demise at the hands of angry FML people. No harm no foul.

Sorry number 20, but there are some people in the FML community who don't like when comments back up comments that predict certain types of comments before they're commented. What was I saying?

I was in no way defending 1's comment. In fact I even stated my own distaste for such comments. I was however stating that it is a waste to berate those comments due to the fact that some people enjoy them, therefore, leave your thumbs and move on.

It looks like this thread has been mauled by an army of thumbs facing down. Just picture it, every comment that rises is hammered down by disposable thumbs.

So the bad comment got downvoted. The comment getting on to the bad comment got downvoted. And the comment getting on to the comment that got on to the bad comment got downvoted. Holy Shit its hard to please these people!!! Talk about confusing!

Opposable.. And I think it's noteworthy that both sides of this argument were thumbed down.. WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO PLEASE YOU!? Edit: guy before posted while I was typing

Exactly #100 and #101. It is confusing and this community is a hard one to analyze for sure. Sometimes you could be totally hilarious and get downvoted to hell for no apparent reason and vice versa. I just move on and keep commenting, and having fun. Thumbs down don't bother me much because they barely say anything, and I'm not an asinine person, so no worries!

"Just look at how that dress clings to her body and cleavage, what a slut!"

Must be one of those rap guys girlfriends....

God her legs are so long you could land a plane on those things!

"Dumps like a truck, truck, truck. Thighs like what, what, what. I think I'll sing it again. Let me see that tho-o-ong"

"i could pop those gigantic succulent boobs with a needle. you could use those as buoys if you were stranded in the ocean!"

"Do you SEE how tight those pants are on her? Most men would like that, but not me babe, not me."

this why i purchase polarized sunglasses, and look in the mirror prior to purchase making sure my eyeballs are concealed

"Look at that girl, she looks like a porn star. I bet she sucks cock like a professional... not that I would know baby girl, your innocent and inexperienced fumbling in bed make me love you even more."

Oldest trick in the book, love.

You should just do the same to him "ugh look at him. You can see his muscles rippling through his shirt. Good thing I don't go for guys like that!"

I thought the oldest trick was lying to them to boost their self esteem.

Were can I obtain a copy of said book?

You should have received a copy with your man card. If you lost that one, they offer them in verbal form at Nascar events and most tailgate parties.

You should have received a copy with your man card. If you lost that one, they offer them in verbal form at Nascar events and most tailgate parties.

That's called "game". Welcome to the world of males. It's a cold one you better bundle up!!!

Sometimes guys take the "game" too seriously, sad to say

Some guys are so bad at the game they brag about it. If you're real good, no one even knows you've got it.

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It's more of a subtle defiance, really.

He isn't ever going to stop

Nothing wrong with looking, just don't touch and you'll be fine

That's how it always starts; just looking...but then the visuals become thoughts, fantasies, and eventually actions where we can't help ourselves. Then, next thing I know I've eaten the entire pizza.

That went a completely different way then I thought it was going too... When it gets like that I do a lot more than eat, if you know what I mean? *winks and rubs pizza sauce on nipples*

And he carries beauty magazines 'for the articles'...

Unless the fiancé is a girl and the poster is a guy, that would completely change the meaning of this FML.

I doubt that'd be sn FML for most guys.

Fiancé = man Fiancée = woman

What a douche bag move. His focus should only be on you.

You're the douchebag, douchebag.

Why? That was uncalled for. what's wrong with you?

Because it's not a douchebag move. Guys like you make the rest of us look bad by acting like you would never check out another woman while in a relationship. The same type of guy who says he doesn't watch porn. It must get lonely on that pedestal.

Dude seriously?? Are you kidding me? Way to be very judgmental about someone you don't know. Good god.

He got deleted man.. He was harassing me for no reason. He's an idiot. Joke is on him. Lol.

Right, keyword, should. But, get real we all have a case of wandering eye, even you, some more than others.

I think it's healthy for the relationship if you just accept that there are quite a few attractive members of the opposite sex (or same sex, whatever) and your partner will want to look. Hell, you'll even want to look. I love my boyfriend more than anything but even he can appreciate a good-looking person with me. :P Looking's fine. Just don't touch. Ever. (Unless that's what you're into)

Well said #70 agree on all points, it's natural to look, no touching though. :)

I dated this guy, Bill, for six months. I told him straight out that I did not mind porn, that "looking" was not a huge problem, I just did not want to hear about how hot some other girl was. He proceeded to compare me to every girl there was, become obsessed with online porn stars, and start to tell me I needed to change the way I dressed to be like other women. I broke up with him. I do not think looking is a problem. I have seen some very attractive men in my life. But when the guy becomes so focused on looking that he has to come up with a whole ploy, like Op's man, then I think it has become a problem.

Of course. He reads them all the time, for the Assonance...and Titilation.