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Today, after years in a relationship I realized that my partner does not like the music I listen to, the food I cook, the pictures I take, the way I dress. The only thing she likes is when I take her out to eat. FML
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I know it sounds mean, but you should be with someone who appreciates you for you, OP. You may have been together for years, but you may be better off with someone else


At least add a damn verb to your sentence, #1. "She are a hoe" Was that so hard?!

Actually it would be "she is a hoe" not "she are a hoe"

sarcasm, 25. it's a great tool to have if you wish to survive this site.

I know it sounds mean, but you should be with someone who appreciates you for you, OP. You may have been together for years, but you may be better off with someone else

Perhaps she'd be better off dating food then, particularly, a restaurant. Since that's the only thing that can make her happy.

What did the restaurant do to deserve her?

That's what happens when you put hoes before bros

I sort of wish I read whatever FML you think you commented on.

I assume the "bro" in this FML is OP's hand.

That's what you get for having crappy taste in everything

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What if op is the one with the good taste and the girlfriend is the one with the bad taste?

Mid life crisis, huh? I'm guessing she's the one have it because it sounds like the only one having issues is your partner. It can be very hard to not let other people's opinions negatively influence you, especially when they mean a lot to you, but please don't let this completely eat away at you. Talk to your partner, then decide if it's best to try to work through things or take your own routes through life. Wishing you the best!

My fiancè doesn't like most of the things I like. I love different foods, different genre of movies, different activities, and different styles. But I'm not a picky guy. That's what I love about her. It introduces me to new things, new foods, new activities, new music and new styles. It's interesting, and there's always something new to learn. You just gotta compensate here and there. Share the experience.

That was my initial thought reading this FML -couples don't have to like all of the same things. But it sounds like she's criticizing him for everything she does, and he's beginning to believe that she's only with him because he buys her meals at restaurants.

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I'm in the same boat #9, yet I feel like our relationship could last much longer than those of people who have similar tastes but different aspirations ! This FML could go both ways ; either the girl really criticizes him about everything and is a gold digger, or the OP needs to chill out and realize that his partner is not obligated to have identical tastes !

Plus, I feel like op would've known all those things years ago, when the relationship just started. The fact that they're tastes are different shouldn't be new information. With that said, I also see how this could be taken the other way, and she's just now criticizing him for all those things, or complaining about it. As #46 said, this FML could go either way.

I'm sorry OP. You deserve someone who loves and appreciates everything about you.

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I think it's time to find a new girlfriend