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Today, I realized my self confidence is based on the amount of "likes" I have on my Facebook statuses. FML
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cradle6 13

So you don't like your own posts? Remember, the first step is liking you(r Facebook posts).

thatshot808 6

Liking your own status is like giving yourself a high five


justmethough 8

Well, do you get a lot of "likes"?

xXRazelleLuniiXx 9
MrBoredGuy 1

I feel like I do the same thing with FML comment thumbs

KRS_13 0

Am I the only one on earth who doesnt have Facebook or twitter?

You're supposed to post what you're thinking, NOT what you think would get the most "likes"... Screw what other people think! You shouldn't be afraid to speak your what's on your mind

LunaDragon 10

Google+ is where it's at now, it's like Facebook but on steroids.

KRS_13 - no, I don't either. My brothers keep trying to get me to join ("You'd have known the big family news if you were on Facebook!"), but I refuse.

farnsworth 3

Whenever I feel sad I become awesome true story

RadiantDawn93 0

58- I appreciate the attempt but i believe it's actually more like "whenever i'm sad I just stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story" -Barney Stintson

I don't use my Facebook after I realized how shitty the recovery system is.

According to Jeremy Kyle, all social networks are bad. I swear we could correlate the amount lie detectors and DNA tests with how many of them use Facebook on a daily basis. For those who don't know who Jeremy Kyle is, he is the British version of Jerry Springer. Just without the fighting, and the bearded douchbag in the corner making weird noises.

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ShroomsOnAcid 16

You know what's EVEN BETTER??? Meeting in person! Talking on the phone! Video calls! Even texting! While the last three are not a replacement for face to face socialization, they are at least more personal than social networks, and they still retain this one thing called privacy. Can't people have a conversation amongst just themselves anymore? It's almost as if it doesn't exist/didn't happen if it's not put on display for everyone to see on Facebook or twitter or whatever else there is these days.

drlove78843 6

Last night. One of my friends broke up with his girlfriend because of her Facebook status!

No 37. I had one but deactivated it. It was pointless.

MrBoredGuy 1

I was kidding of course, USMC gives everyone a lot of self confidence

MichellinMan 20

This is the second time I'm saying this, society is going on a downhill slope. God, there is no hope for this generation.

After reading this thread I forgot what the FML was.

beastlybeauty 4

Hence why you also have no friends...

insanelyXnikki 18

With social networking is as bad as it is right now, I can't wait to see how bad it'll be in 10-20 years. :/

delilah09 6

#37, probably not, but I can see why, youre ugly.

grmnxsensati0n 4

well then make sure you get a lot o likes

whats the point? it shouldn't be a popularity contest.

lebronesque73091 12

I think most people on Facebook feel the same way. FeveryonesL cause Facebook exists. It's ruining our communication skills, sense, dependency and generation on the macro level. On the micro though, it ruins relationships. FB=bad.

Liking, the Viking, likes licking and hiking

cradle6 13

So you don't like your own posts? Remember, the first step is liking you(r Facebook posts).

thatshot808 6

Liking your own status is like giving yourself a high five

Giving yourself a high five is like clapping

cradle6 13

But clapping for yourself is like liking your own Facebook post

cradle6 13

Full circle. But either way, why would you post a status that you didn't like? o_0

Liking your own status is like giving yourself a high five in public.

Liking your own status is like giving yourself a high five in public.

beastlybeauty 4

That's what I always thought...

SystemofaBlink41 27

I'm sure there's some kind of therapy for this.

Why so ignorant? No friends sunshine ?

Torva_fml 16

Go look up the definition of ignorant... she was more being a stuck-up bitch.. Anyways! Nobody said she ever gets thumbs up...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

92, Are you talking about 4? Or did a comment get deleted? I don't see anything in her comment to suggest being a "stuck up bitch". Quite the opposite, actually.

I think she was saying in in a complimentary way you ******* puckered assholes.

Torva_fml 16

**** it, I interpreted a black woman as being a sarcastic bitch. It's just how all the ones I know act. Oops, stereotype, sorry.

You wont get far in life if you carry on with that attitude.

You'll probably go BACKWARDS in life if social networking kills u this badly

It's fine :) I get my compliments in the form fortune cookies. I'm "going to lead a great world in my future."

Hey, wtf are you trying to do, ruin my life? Those fortunes are made for me, ONLY. You lie, GTFO. (jk)

drlove78843 6

83, haha I usually do. What can we do though, right? Thumb me down I suppose, then I feel jolly with the green thumbs and the red thumbs (christmas). So I'm pretty much being selfish.

Are you sure it's not bad But don't get sad Be glad Now I'm sad :'(

Hey, at least you have the confidence to be able to post statuses. That's a helluva lot more then what my pussy ass can do.

Mr25_fml 14

well, you kinda have to admit... getting likes on Facebook always makes your day better