By Pontiacman92 - 29/08/2013 07:07 - United States - Pueblo

Today, I found out that the very good-looking woman who sings for one of my favorite bands is actually a guy. FML
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I don't think he thought much of it, normally telling someones gender is a simple task.

I looked him up. He doesn't look girly at all and had a beard in 99% of his pictures.:P


I bet it was Black Veil Brides

#49, women can have beards too. And there probably is a man who likes that. But yeah, most of the time that is one of the things how you can see it's a man.

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don't knock marilyn manson. have you seen the women he gets ? I find him to be sexy in a mysterious, creepy kinda way. aaahhhh hell I'd hit it!

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But not if you were a guy as op is

I bet it's Against me! The signer Tom Gable became Laura Jane Grace....

Well the singer from against me isn't exactly a beautiful woman now..

I looked up Tokio Hotel, and must admit they/he are a good contender. But he definitively has a masculine tone to his voice. So how much of a favorite band are they to OP that he deceived him with both looks and vocal tone...

Malice Mizer , Versailles. Etc. jrock bands are full of bishonen and femboys. I wholly appreciate it too from an artistic perspective.

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Kellin Quinn does and looked like a girl when I heard them at first..

*Lowers sunglasses*... The Barenaked Ladies.

It could be Sleeping With Sirens, or Pierce The Veil. The singers do look like girls and they have really high, screechy voices so..

yeahh when I first read this the first thing that popped in my head was Kellin Quinn. whether he looks like a man or woman he is an angel

Could be against me!, saw them live and I really didn't know if it was a woman or dude..

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Are you sure it's not a pretty woman with manly features

I'm pretty sure it's a "pretty" man with feminine features, hence the confusion..

Im with #4 Is it a very popular band.. People need to know to look out for these minor details. I do wonder how you know these things.. Or are u just a very good groupie ??

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I'd say its the dude from rise against. But he's not a very attractive "woman"

How do you mistake Tim McIIrath for a woman at all?

22- Are you sure you don't mean Against Me?

I don't know about you, but I knew Bill was a boy right away

the exact comment I was looking for, I can't think of any other bands with a girly guy lead singer. I remember tricking a couple homophobic friends of mine telling them about this "girl lead singer in a new band" they totally fell for it :)

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Or kaya. A lot of V kei bands have really beautiful guys, who dress like girls, as lead singers.

9, that was my first thought too. Bill does look very feminine.

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I don't even listen to this band, I've only seen them on TV, like award shows and stuff, but I definitely thought their singer was a girl.

When I first saw a Tokio Hotel videoclip, I thought the singer was an ugly girl (I didn't find "her" attractive). When they told me "she" was a guy named Bill, I was really surprised, and I laughed a lot about it.

#58 I'm not sure the comment about attractiveness was necessary, but I agree the bill is very feminine looking.

We all have had these situations where we can't tell if someone is a boy or girl. But we figure it out 2 mins later

This reminds me of a friend who heard Michael Paynter singing one day, and said "she has the voice of an angel!" Needless to say, he was extremely disappointed to find out it was a dude.