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Today, while I was eating lunch at work, I practically had a panic attack because I'd forgotten to feed my Neopet. FML
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I could imagine what happens when you forget to feed you child.


xMiss_Maggot 7

wow is just a virtual pet jeez go buy a real pet

SakeGurl 9
GreenAppleDP 0

If OP almost had a panic attack over a virtual pet, imagine what would have happened If they had forgotten about their real pet.

OMG I used to have neopets too!!!!...then I turned 7.

kevsnev 7

Play Pokémon. You NEVER have to feed them.

linkinpark98 23

No. They they'll forget to feed that one too.

I have to feed my Pokemon rare candies, and various berries, depending on my pokemon's health.

juicystar777 4

the exact same thing happened to me! well a few years ago since i wasn't old enough to work and it was a tamogatchi instead. but I didn't have a panic attack, thank gosh :)

I think telling this person to get a real pet is a bad idea seeing as they can even feed there virtual one.

blackheart24 10

86- Can I just say, you are very, very blonde.

OP - "Mmm! This Pb n' J sandwich is delicious! My neopet is probably also enjoying a mighty find lunch right about.. Wait! I couldn't have forgotten to feed it! No, it's impossible! *wheeze* *wheeze* *hyperventilate* Everyone else around OP's lunchroom - o.O

86 if you didn't have a panic attack, then how is it the same?

b0ngs 7

86- then the same thing didn't happen to you...

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You are my hero! Pokemon is awesome

BarDownDaily 12

Oh no, I haven't fed my Neopet in 6 years!

hockeydominatorc 0

I thought they said cheo pet so I was like " NO ! The horror!"

raney150 0

A virtual pet that can't even virtually die. Unless nepeta changed it to where pets can die. I haven't been on there in a long time.

Jeez so harsh guys, Neopets is an important part of everyone's life if everyone could just learn to live together and accept the Neopets for who they are then the world would be a much better place.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

It's not like they die in the game or anything either. It's a waste of money, LET IT STARVE

I remember neopets, probably spent half of my childhood raising those little bastards.

GreenAppleDP 0

Julia, I'm right there with you.

NinjaOfLove 0

140 NP for 28 days!!! That's what I'm saying!

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thelindseyyy 4

But if you let it starve then it'll get sad, and then you might get that random event that turns it blue, which sucks if its painted all badass n shit.

112- Is it strange that the voices in my brain read your comment in a Jenna marbles voice?

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That happened to me... When I had foopets I felt so bad for not visiting them...

GoW_Chick 14

They do too have a life! It's just through the wonders of the interweb, I mean come on all the youngsters are to busy poking their tweeters to experience real life.

Ya don't say , that's the point of the fml bro!

I could imagine what happens when you forget to feed you child.

markrs 0

I'm guessing your mother has an account too and she testing you OP to see if you can have a real pet. Yeah, let that be your excuse when you access your account at work:)

jerseyboy732 16

we need to give your neopet to the other OPs little brother because obv you have no life

Neopets don't die! They just get all sad, and get sadder because that DAMN fairly at the soup kitchen says you're too rich!

Well I learned something today. Thank you for enlightening me.

Mister_Triangle 21

I've had a neopet for 6 years now that I haven't fed once. It's cheaper to let them go hungry so I can stash my Neopoints in a bank and acquire stupid amounts of interest

DeathByMuffins 0

You could probably assume that if OP wasn't at work. Maybe (s)he is 12 on the inside

GreenAppleDP 0

It's online gaming community that allows you to have virtual pets. Growing up, I used to be hardcore into that. Lol

My "family" are Neopets, I have inhabited the wilderness with them for many a year now and my story yet to be discovered. Don not judge, for I have come to accept their ways.

JayJaysGirl 0

They still make Neopets?? Oh man...

Hey man, you're not alone. The same thing happened to me...when I was eight -_-

Haha seriously, if you're old enough to have a job, I think you're old enough to no longer have a neopet...

This2Rudy 7

#54 in your pic awesome Is spelled wrong (missing the "e")

Hey! Don't make OP feel bad! When I was eight most of my neo friends were at least sixteen!

#73 I just love how in ur profile u say u hate gamer nazis but u just corrected someone else anyway, I live irony