By embaressed - 27/01/2009 17:33 - Canada

Today, I realised I like Britney Spears. FML
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HEY she WAS hot maybe not so much any more but she was at one point.

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i love brittany, how is this bad?

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You shouldn't be ashamed to admit your liking for her, unless it's for her brains. Haha. She can't be too smart if her parents were stupid enough to misspell her name "Britney" instead of "Brittany". Lol.

I agree with 6. I must admit that when "3" came out, I was shocked to learn she could count that high.

There is more than one way to spell Brittany/Britney

Yes thank you #73! My friends name is spelled Brittney there is no right way to spell it

today i realised ur retarded cuz u think its bad to like britney spears....

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Today, I realized that alot of people can't use proper grammar.

today i realized half of you can't spell for shit

#10, It took you that long? Seriously? Oh, and do remember capital letters at the beginning of sentences and a period at the end. To the actual FML, I think it's cool that you can admit such things.

I had a moment recently where I realised the same thing...except I also love NSYNC and Backstreet Boys...

your life is ******. I think you should get an exorcism