By Foufinator - 04/10/2009 19:33 - France

Today, I ordered a chicken sandwich. I was starving and it was the fastest thing to order. Half way through it, I found something which does not belong, and removed it. It was half a cockroach, and I don't know where the other half is. FML
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Maybe it was a really deformed half-cockroach? Or maybe you ate it.


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Maybe it was a really deformed half-cockroach? Or maybe you ate it.

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Thats disgusting. Complain about it..

how does he deserve it just for living in france? wtf you deserve a spartan beating for having sparta in your name. doesn't make sense does it? And i agree, complain. BUt you should complain to the actually company. like call them. cause most likely, if you complain to the manager, nothing happens :T

LOL @ serious fool. DUDE, that guy was just being a tool. Its fun, try it sometimes. Just come up with some lame reason for their suffering. In this case, it is his french nationality. Being serious online just makes you sound like an utter wanker.

Haha at TheDoge's comment. And crazieeli, I don't think you get the point of being a troll (which isn't much, I must say). But my previous comment wasn't supposed to make sense...what kind of logical reason would make him deserve this just for living in France? I know I can't think of any. Anyways, it's fun sometimes. Trying to be creative like this...or being totally unoriginal...either way it's fun to see peoples comments, like your own comment. Saying stuff like "YDI for being a woman", or "YDI for living in France"...stuff like that. Yeah, and back to what TheDoge said: I really don't think my comment sounded serious at all, and it shouldn't be taken serious either.

where the **** did you get the sandwich from!?

@95 creative? fail. half the FML trolls can come up with SOMETHING more creative than the ever-common "YDI for living in ____!" and as far as trolls are concerned, that is saying a LOT. Furthermore, trolling is pointless if you actually defend AND define it in a later comment. TROLL FAIL.

@103 this is the English-speaking version of the original French website, RETARD.

Or maybe he ate half of it already? GROSS!

complaint about the complaint @OP: What? You mean you didn't know about the special? They were free of charge that day. You shouldn't complain about what you got for free. Bon appetit. :)

Ah man I gotta stop eating while reading fmls like this.

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Um, cockroaches taste and feel like chicken now? Okay.

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It doesn't necessarily have to taste and feel like chicken to belong in a chicken sandwich. Lettuce can crunch a whole lot. But OP, this is disgusting. FYL.

ewww! well... at least it was half and not the whole thing....

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I think that's the problem actually....

would it even be an FML? today, I ordered chicken sandwhich. something inspired me to look inside, and there was a roach in it! that's okay though, it was only half a roach. FML?