By CapeRanger - South Africa
Today, I drove my cousin to her wedding. The photographer said I was too ugly for the official photos so they searched the crowd for a good looking guy to pose as the driver in my new car. No one in the crowd stopped to defend me. My mom told me it's my own fault. FML
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  Saccharide  |  0

To everybody who is inevitably going to say "YDI for being ugly..."

Regardless of whether or not he had excessive facial hair, looked bad or whatever, this was entirely uncalled for. Weddings are a symbol of a joining - of two people and of families. How would /you/ like to be kicked out of the metaphorical memories of an event of celebration and love because you're "ugly"? How would you like to feel humiliated, excluded, and unloved (i.e. the same as this poor guy) just because you're gay, or black, or fat, or Jewish? This is just as cruel as any other form of "-ism" and the fact that no one cared enough to say anything just makes it worse.

And for all of you saying it was probably what he was wearing, don't you think that driving to his cousin's weeding he would have had at least worn something decent. I mean, even if he didn't (entirely possible), wouldn't the photographer have told him that he was "dressed inappropriately" or at least that "his clothes were ugly" instead of flat out saying "you're too ugly"?

FYL, OP. Screw your family and live your life far away from people like this..

  FarSide  |  22

Does momma realize the idiocy of insinuating YOU are ugly? SHE should not have screwed someone uglier than her... on the other hand, someone better looking than momma would not have screwed her...

No matter how you look at.... you didn't have a chance. I hope you have a nice personality.

  8_wow_11  |  0

how do u deserve a negative response to something that was brought about for reasons you can't control, even through inactivity, not his fault! needs a new mum tho :P

  Chaith  |  16

I think it was more of a 'YDI For showing up to a wedding in an oversized pepsi graphic tee.'

Not being presentable at a formal event brings out the angry mob in people. Haha, tough luck getting picked out, though.