By francesa_loca - 14/10/2011 16:09 - Canada

Today, my father started drinking a little early. At some point, he got hungry and decided to boil eggs. He started a dozen, drank some more, and passed out on the couch. When I came home, all the water had boiled off and the eggs had exploded all over the kitchen. I'm still cleaning up the mess. FML
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Was it an explosion? BRING ON THE THUMBS DOWN.

Why would you get thumbed down? That was quite an eggcelent pun.


hamncheeseinit 6

Sounds like your dad had a bangin ole time

Hey op stop fooling around on FML, and get back to work.

IphonFML 6

so u stopped cleaning, came on FML, wrote ur FML anx went back to cleaning? noiiceee

idontcare8l 3

Hey! Get of FML and keep cleaning then!

Was it an explosion? BRING ON THE THUMBS DOWN.

Mipz 2

Why would you get thumbed down? That was quite an eggcelent pun.

jonan1212 5

I love these eggcellent egg puns about eggsplosions

Hey seriously,I loved it,You embraced the possibility of getting thumbed down and it worked in your favor. Does anyone else want to boil eggs...for as long as that guy did?

It was an eggcellent yolk, to be sure. Also, I'd make his drunk ass clean up his own mess.

Those are eggxotic words eggspecially eggcellent and eggplosion. Everyone is eggxperts!!!

79 that was eggsactly what I was going to say

PiperWoods 0

... If my dad was like that and let that happened, I'd be very ashamed ......

If I had " let that happened" I would be eggstatic

iknowimawesome 13

Tip: you might make more progress with the cleaning by actually cleaning instead of going on FML.

iknowimawesome 13

I don't got no egg covered kitchen!

iknowimawesome 13

I bez kiddin :) don't worry, my grammar isn't THAT bad.

Then stop posting FML's and get your dad to help you, drunk or not.

Let's imagine the drunken father cleaning up the mess

devin500 6

Im to lazy to imagine that, can you just tell me?

hilary56 0

Don't be telling OP what to do! He does what he wants.

Graawr 7

If my dad did that Id kick him and make him clean up his mess.

I would have cleaned nothing. But yeah, I'm not an incredible nice person.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Well sometimes you have to choose being reasonable over being nice.

As far as we know you could have just got home