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By insensitive prick - 19/08/2013 19:04 - United States - Tinley Park

Today, I was at a "Bring your family to work" event. I noticed my coworker brought his kids but not his wife, so I asked, "No wife today?" Everyone glared at me and he pointedly replied that she's married to someone else now. I had no idea. Now everyone thinks I'm an insensitive prick. FML
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Things never to say to your co-workers: 1) How's your wife/husband? 2) Are you pregnant? 3) The light bulb in your bedroom closet is out. Um, actually forget about #3.


Soniye 14

I hope he's not the guy with the band who had to sing at his ex wife's wedding ....Awkward .. O.o'

I don't get how they can actually blame him. You can usually tell the difference between a genuine, curious question and a question that's used to piss someone off purposely.

But unfortunately, it doesn't seem that OP's co-workers can tell the difference.

Idk. If everyone there knew, it makes it kinda surprising that OP didn't. I'm not saying Op deserved it at all, but at the same time I believe that if that many people knew it, then it shouldn't have been hard for OP to have found out sooner.

Not necessarily. It's possible OP could have recently started this job which would be another reason why they would have not known. Also, it could have been that the work gossip never reached OP even if they were there for a long time. Just because everyone else knows doesn't give them the right to assume OP would know as well. Not everyone pays attention or cares about work gossip / drama.

jarockstar27 10

True 28 but at the same time some coworkers leave people out of the loop. Trust me I know. People can be assholes sometimes!

The good news is, that just like everything else in the world, no one will care in a few weeks.

Given the frequency of divorces and single parents, OP really should have considered the possibility before opening his mouth

Dodge4x4Ram 46

looks like that promotion you wanted is around the corner

Don't worry, it's not your fault you didn't know.

A lot of families are separated, it's extremely common and sad. But well known enough to not ask that kind of question.

@58, I'm guessing if OP was new to the company if he wasn't aware of something that was common knowledge. I agree that it really isn't any of OP's business, but he probably was just trying to start up a conversation or something. It was really an honest mistake. And it really is sad that divorce is so common.

I think 58 is referring to the fact that divorce rates are high enough that a family missing a mom or dad shouldn't warrant a question. Unless OP's coworker mentioned the wife prior, there's no reason to assume a current marriage. That's why I put a YDI

summerguy97 16

Hey dude it's not your fault. For all you know she could have been at home dealing with a life threatening disease that she would probably lose against.

summerguy97 16

I did I tried to make a funny and failed. Sorry everyone...

Um... Yeah. You did fail. And that wasn't funny, it was ******* mean.

SkyGuy32 17

Well it was kinda true. Not to say OP deserved it, but they should be more cautious in the future.

God dang it Breaking Bad, I cant think of disease without thinking of meth

I think he made a funny... it wasn't the best funny but it was a pretty good funny.

Atleast she wasnt dead. Would of been more awkward

People are too sensitive sometimes. Don't sweat it OP, they'll get over it.

perdix 29

Your brilliant comeback should have been, "Ha, ha, ha, at least she's not dead! Right?" That would have made everyone laugh and laugh -- especially the kids! Try it!

SystemofaBlink41 27

And for added effect, try to give him a high five.

Yea, sooo not your fault, who cares what they think. You didn't know and it's quite stupid of them to think just because they knew, you would. Don't worry OP they'll get over it and if you care enough of what they think, than your explanation should be enough.

SkyGuy32 17

#53 what does that have to do with perdix's comment?

Don't be too harsh on yourself; you didn't know. Not your fault you weren't told beforehand.

Things never to say to your co-workers: 1) How's your wife/husband? 2) Are you pregnant? 3) The light bulb in your bedroom closet is out. Um, actually forget about #3.

SkyGuy32 17

Depending on how your coworkers view you and the last time you went to their house… well, 3 could be the most important one. =P

YDI. Next time, mind read before making such a faux pas. You insensitive prick.

why would you read minds before making fox paws? :p