By Anonymous - 05/07/2012 19:10 - United States - Findlay

Today, my waiter turned to me and asked, "Let me guess, Miss I'm-not-fat-I'm-fluffy wants a diet coke?" FML
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Wow, what an ass. dont let him/her get to you op!

I really hope you obeyed the cardinal rule of the food industry & waited til after you got your food before telling the waiter what you thought of them... If not, you ate something extra with your food... Pretty much gauranteed...


Wow, what an ass. dont let him/her get to you op!

hahayourmom101 5

He should have to give OP a tip after being so rude!

When you think about it that's pretty funny. I mean he's brave for saying that to a customer and for that I give him props

asoptavlo14 6

When you think about it, that's extremely rude.

MindFreakazoid 10

24- And the diet coke. Don't forget the diet coke

syley 5

His nickname for her suggests a previous altercation, since you don't call strangers "miss I'm-not-fat-I'm-fluffy" but op still wouldn't deserve to have this said to her unless she humiliated the waiter previously. But I might be reading too far into this also.

TheDrifter 23

Either way, I feel better about myself. I may be a dick, but I'm not as mean as that guy.

If the OP is described as fluffy by strangers, there's a chance she's actually a sheep

Op is just mad because they actually did order a diet coke.

That's really rude. Talk to the manager. You'll get a free meal. That's bullshit.

Maybe that waiter had a bad experience with you back then or he's just that rude. But then again, truth hurts.

JustDerpin 11

Im thinking that OP must have done something, or said something that could've been rude, since their username is OhDearBetrayal. Maybe OP and the waiter knew each other?

janelly16 7

Or get their rude ass fired

Leave a single penny on the table. That ought to teach him!

Leave a load of nasty ass pennies on the table as a tip.

I would burst into tears if a waiter spoke to me like that.

176 - He doesn't even deserve a penny

tiffy_mag 4

If she's so fat or fluffy, her ass should be ordering a water not a diet coke... 0 calories vs. 150 calories....

Because you have a say in people's decision and should therefore act like the waiter and judge her.

Nothing wrong with a diet coke. Also, I would have left.

I like diet coke better than regular coke. So what?

you really think this is the only fat person this guy has ever seen? and he's rude to all of them? guaranteed ms. fluffy had it coming for some reason.

almost forgot... i commend him for putting you in your place.... i have no doubt you deserved it.

ulis_fml 6

Chances are the woman was wearing the shirt that has that quote on it. Just saying it would explain a lot.

silbot 11

Complain to the manager, and leave her a 5 cent tip,

OhDearBetrayal 25

OP jacked my name. I also feel betrayed.

five levels of Fatness by Gabriel Iglesias: Big Healthy Husky Fluffy And DAMN! Maybe he just saw the stand up special. still gives him no right to say that to someone. I say pay a dollar less than the bill amount and let his ass cover the rest!

Coke Zero has zero calories. I'm not sure how many calories Diet Coke has, but it must have some or else there wouldn't be a need for Coke Zero.

twaumat 28

yesss that was rude...but if you fat you fat.

There's a sixth level, according to Gabriel. "Aw hell no!"

Just turn around and go say BITCH PLZ

Well somebody wants to be fired >.>

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Cat_Daniels 6

What I meant was that takes one fat person to be mean to someone else. I meant no disrespect or hatred or mean feelings towards the OP. I simply worded my comment wrong. And no I don't know the waiter.

I understood your comment, it made me lol!

shawnaishere 14

When I read the comment I understood it and I thought, why is it thumbed down that's a pretty funny comment.

Well, that was rude of her. Don't let it get to you OP, you're beautiful. :)

I read this comment with James Blunt singing in the background of my head.

borkchop1992 15

Hello motivational internet mom

3: Strictly speaking, there's no evidence from this FML that the OP is beautiful. Also, why imply that "beautiful" is the opposite of "fat"?

Waiter, not waitress. And I'd rather someone call me ugly and it be the truth than be called beautiful by someone who doesn't even know what I look like.

I love how saying "you're beautiful" is like an online reflex for some people

French_Toast_fml 3

3- Just because OP isn't fat, it doesn't mean she's beautiful. I've seen countless women who are stick thin but also dog ugly. And, for all we know, the waiter might be right.

It's not.... But it usually makes a person feel less confident. Therefore, calling OP beautiful makes sense.

I'm sure everyone has something beautiful about their looks.

GuessWhatKids 13

51 - Haven't you heard? Calling a girl beautiful makes you a thoughtful, unique and caring man with class as opposed to those sexist pigs who call girls hot. Apparently you can now say it to anyone because EVERYBODY is beautiful, dontcha know? Forget logical reasoning that if everyone was beautiful then nobody would be; EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE A HUMAN BEING HERP DERP

173: It's controversial but you're totally right. 184: Well, I'm not sure that it makes sense exactly to call a non-confident friend "beautiful," but I do see how it could help. An upvote for you, young one! 254: No lie, "beautiful" sounds well classier than "hot." Overused? Definitely, especially among particularly vapid individuals...

Only here can we have fights over whether somebody should have called somebody beautiful. I get where you're all coming from here, but come on.

prettyladyjo 2

The only "B" word you should ever call a woman is beautiful... Bitches love being called beautiful -barney (how i met your mother)

vrock 0

How do you know what the OP looks like?

borkchop1992 15

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At the least OP should leave just a penny for a tip

dbt88 15

Maybe she was at an Ed Debevic's. They are purposefully mean to customers.

cradle6 13

As a waiter, I have tons of customers leave me nothing. (If iit wasn't for some really generous people, I wouldn't make much). A penny is too generous for that douchebag. Report him to his boss and get him fired. He doesn't belong in that job.

For some reason, I'm under the impression that the waiter already dealt with the OP before and knows she's a shitty tipper or difficult. Not saying it's right but sometimes a snooty attitude just comes out. If that's the case.... too bad the waiter can't remain professional.

Yeah, if you don't leave a tip at all, the server will just think you forgot. Leave a token amount and it'll make it obvious. (FWIW, I've done this exactly once in the 30 years I've been dining out in restaurants and paying the bill myself, and it was when the waitress was rude and snapped at me.)

Akalia_fml 7

Once while I was visiting Minnesota, I went to the Mall of America. There's a restaurant there called 'Dicks' and they're paid to be well, dicks. They were so rude I had to leave. Those people really know how to do their job. And, OP, I'm sorry about what happened to you. But I'm not about to call you beautiful or anything, because of the fact that I don't actually know what you look like. But I really am sorry your waiter was a prick.

KiddNYC1O 20

Dicks working at Dicks... That's perfect!

a penny for a tip , i wouldn't leave him a tip at all he doesn't deserve it .

That's so rude of the waiter. I would've walked out right then, or reported him then walked out.

Oh ya say the person said that too ur mom would u still laugh

I really hope you obeyed the cardinal rule of the food industry & waited til after you got your food before telling the waiter what you thought of them... If not, you ate something extra with your food... Pretty much gauranteed...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You are so right my friend. Only thing I'd have to disagree with is if you an ass of a waiter that bad, **** that place order tons of food then walk out with your head held high.

136: Never piss off the line cooks; they usually hate the servers too.

daisiebud 18

You should also probably finish eating before you get them fired.

Ask to speak to the manager, and get him fired.

Yeah definately! I mean she's actually miss I'm-not-fat-I'm-big-boned. Only guys say they're fluffy, dduuhhhhh.

Seriously because I don't see free harassment on the menu

Say yes, then when she brings it throw it all over her face. Then, proceed to walk out feeling accomplished.

ahhbeex 8

My guess is that it's a male, considering it's a waiter, not a waitress.

Sorry, I guess I skipped over that detail. It's just when I play it in my head I imagine OP and a waitress for some reason.

VooDooCarrie91 19

That's poor customer service.

glocksinner 6

big, healthy, husky, fluffy, DAMN, and oh hell no! I love Gabriel Iglesias (:

it's big, healthy, husky, fluffy, DAMN, and oh hell no! I love Gabriel Iglesias (:

FreaksandGeeks 5

Unless they're at Dick's Last Resort.

flutter4 7

No tip for the waiter. Wow what an ass hole thing to say.

No tip. That'll show 'em who's boss.

Maybe you should ask the manager his opinion on the question. He can maybe give a good tip unlike the one you're probably gonna leave your waiter.