By ijustwantpizza - 07/01/2015 12:11 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I was having a cheat meal after 2 weeks of strict dieting. When I opened the pizza box, I saw a cockroach. It'd been baked into the cheese. FML
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The Universe is trying to make you stick to your goal! Please call the pizza place and ask for a refund.

llamarrama01 21

That must've really bugged you.


llamarrama01 21

That must've really bugged you.

JuliaaNoelle 26

I think the pun was very intended.

*sigh* you can't have an FML without some **** making a cheesy pun...

I just want to know, did I go overboard or did nobody get that?

euphoricness 28

I got it. Ur cheese! And the funny thing is ur comment is #69 and u mentioned ****!

I knew it was intended people. Shit calm your ****. It was Sarcasm.

**** = cockroach, cheesy = cheese (which the cockroach was baked into) no flaming intended!

Don't worry #101 I got your cheesy pun about his pun being cheesy.. So... much... cheese...

lexiieeex3 32

I guess it wasn't meant to be...

The Universe is trying to make you stick to your goal! Please call the pizza place and ask for a refund.

KhaleesiDannie 26

and maybe suggest an exterminator haha

jazzy_123 20

my biggest question though, how in the world did they not see that damn cockroach?! were they blind folded when they packed it up in the box?

Something tells me it was a frozen pizza instead of from a pizzeria.

#47 if that were true, it wouldn't be in a box (at least not after already being baked)

ChristianH39 30

frozen pizzas (at least the ones I've seen) are already baked, you're really just thawing/heating them in the oven

TanzWolf 26

What kind of frozen pizzas are you eating?

mattmsk005 8

If it was baked into the Pizzia, then the bug came from the pizzeria.

While I don't think that it is a frozen pizza in this case, I have known 2 different people who have found roaches in their frozen pizza.

at least it gave you a reason not cheat on your diet...

It also gives him a reason to file a complaint to that pizza company.

Some diets let you have a cheat day every couple of months. A friend of mine eats so much garbage food on his cheat day. It's literally 5000 calories or more of junk food.

Cheat days are important for diets! Or your body will end up craving all the time. You just can't have too many of them of course ;)

OP needs to call the Health Department or it's equivalent. They might have more than just Roaches.

76 - That's just feeding the addiction. Permanant weight loss requires changing your relationship with food.

Consider it a warning and get back to your regimen.

KhaleesiDannie 26

A sign telling you not to cheat still I'd be calling the store or main hub if it's a chain place and tell them about that

Definitely take pictures for proof and you should probably call the health department to go check out the restaurant. I'd be worried that if you just tell the company that they'd give you a refund and a free pizza and not actually do anything about the issue.

tinytyler 12

This should be your motivation to keep up the diet. The best of luck achieving your dream wight!

I don't think wights are ever in dreams other than nightmares...

thehartwants 4

I just started a diet on Monday and after reading this made me want to not cheat what so ever.

AnOriginalName 19

And what if you find a caterpillar on your tasty homemade salad?

muis545 21

Its not like it wasn't cooked. What are you complaining about?