By SirDirtyRedD - Iceland - Reykjav
Today, I found my little brother breathing heavily and asked him what he was doing. He looked at me intensely and said "Breathing in all the oxygen so you can't have any and die." 5ML
SirDirtyRedD tells us more :
i would just like to make a point that he is only six he has plenty of time to make better plans lol
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  GEBEH  |  14

I Wonder when humans develop a conscience, cause it sure seems like there are alot of murderous children out there who just are to dumb to succeed!

  feitan98  |  13

This has nothing to do with the fml but the person you have on your account pic (sasuke) is nothing but a dumb ass traitorous bitch that can't even use the power that is literally handed to him without dying 3 times against against Killer B when B isn't even trying. Go find an actual naruto character that actually does something (not Sakura she is the most worthless bitch on the show)

  Allornone  |  35

something tells me the brother is very young, or not that bright (or both). either way, it's clear he didn't think this little plan all the way through.

By  iluvFMLs15  |  19

Well on the bright side, at least he's only trying to suck in all the air so that you don't have any and die vs him actually trying to kill you. then, we'd have a serious problem.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Actually, it's better that he does--so he can learn that breathing heavily will do him more harm than it does his brother.

Sorry you have such a rotten little brother, OP.