By SirDirtyRedD - 25/01/2014 01:03 - Iceland - Reykjav

Today, I found my little brother breathing heavily and asked him what he was doing. He looked at me intensely and said "Breathing in all the oxygen so you can't have any and die." 5ML
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SirDirtyRedD tells us more.

i would just like to make a point that he is only six he has plenty of time to make better plans lol

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I get the feeling he's not too fond of you..

So he would die too, because there'd be no more oxygen ? Hmmm, he's ready to die to kill you.


I get the feeling he's not too fond of you..

I wonder what his idea for a "birthday present" is for his big brother...

I Wonder when humans develop a conscience, cause it sure seems like there are alot of murderous children out there who just are to dumb to succeed!

@ #14 and #23 your comments just made my night thank you

You should tell him that it's possible to overdose on oxygen. Maybe he'll believe it and hold his breath until he passes out.

Wtf is 5ML? 5 is not even close to F lol

Oh sorry I actually didn't know thank you :)

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Oh my goodness I had been wondering what the **** was wrong with FML all day

This has nothing to do with the fml but the person you have on your account pic (sasuke) is nothing but a dumb ass traitorous bitch that can't even use the power that is literally handed to him without dying 3 times against against Killer B when B isn't even trying. Go find an actual naruto character that actually does something (not Sakura she is the most worthless bitch on the show)

I have never seen an emoji on FML before....

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This.. This is revolutionary for FML


So he would die too, because there'd be no more oxygen ? Hmmm, he's ready to die to kill you.

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something tells me the brother is very young, or not that bright (or both). either way, it's clear he didn't think this little plan all the way through.

Tell him very rapid breaths would do it. He will hyperventilate and pass out. Went he wakes play dead.

Or better yet, when he wakes up, play dead then pretend to be a zombie or a demon or something

Well on the bright side, at least he's only trying to suck in all the air so that you don't have any and die vs him actually trying to kill you. then, we'd have a serious problem.

It's a gateway form of attempted murder though...

And if it doesn't work, you don't know what else he'll try to get the job done...

Just looking on the brighter side of things :)

hmmm, i would not allow for him to take any science classes.

Actually, it's better that he does--so he can learn that breathing heavily will do him more harm than it does his brother. Sorry you have such a rotten little brother, OP.

Yes, but he will learn much more about how to actually harm someone. Don't let him near the dangerous chemicals!

Well if that's his way of killing you, you're safe for now :)

I think he took persistence is key... Just a bit to literal.

Anyone remember that Simpsons episode where Bart pretends to have that fake marriage for presents and all the guests die from lack of oxygen?