By Sarah-grace - 17/05/2016 22:20 - United States - Benton

Today, I was dumping some old milk in the sink and noticed it wasn't going down. Assuming food was clogging the drain, I stuck my hand down in it to remove the food. I removed a blueberry and half a cockroach. FML
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Well, put that sink to good use and wash your hands as much as you can

At least it wasn't alive


At least it wasn't alive

If there's one, there are more around.

Actually, it could've been alive because cockroaches can live up to a week without its head :)

Yet OP said it was in half, that's more than its head...

Well, put that sink to good use and wash your hands as much as you can

You're braver than I am. Kudos.

Time to call an exterminator!!!

You mean Arnold Schwarzanigger?

The cockroach won't mind. He'll just regenerate the other half. :)

If burn the house down! ?

gonna assume they meant "I'd" but their phone auto-corrected to if and they didn't realise. Mine makes the same correction a lot of the time

Shay_Shay97 23

See, now I always use a fork or something if I need to unclog the disposal for THAT exact reason.

that scene usually scares the shit out of me in horror movies..

Cyrus00 41

Maybe if you would have left it the cockroach would have eaten the blueberry.

There's something called a garbage disposal, you know.