By Mack / Friday 9 September 2011 00:01 / Canada
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Anxiety sucks. I remember when I used to be too anxious to fap. Op, you should start exercising, especially weight lifting, as it does help to relief stress and somehow overcome anxiety.

By  hawaiianfire  |  0

Stop thinking what other people think of you and address your damn problems. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has told you this through out your life.

  TheRealHouse  |  7

It not that easy, but it IS that simple. There was a skit on snl once with a guy visiting his shrink and all the shrink would say was "well then stop it" or "then cut it out, dont do that anymore". It was funny as hell. obviously it doesn't actually work that way but I believe many anxiety issues, addictions and anger issues can be improved or even cured with a similar approach. IT IS HARD, but it is also simple, just like most things in life that are worth doing.

  koolkat27  |  13

it could possibly be social anxiety. it's a real condition and it's not so easy to overcome. op- sorry these assholes are telling you to grow balls and shit. take it from somebody who has social anxiety, I hate it.


Today, my hatred for IKEA reignited when I rammed my knee into my hotel bathroom's plexiglass counter top while I was drying myself off. Their interior designer must have have been suffering brain damage when she matched everything with the floor tiles. FML

By Skyra - / Friday 2 March 2012 21:06 / Portugal

Today, I had to go to a public restroom. I have anxiety problems and can't go unless I'm the only one in the room. Another girl came in right after me, and I was waiting for her to leave. She was also waiting. After a while, I left first and had to hold my pee for a few more hours. FML

By DumbAndYoung - / Tuesday 26 August 2014 04:17 / United States - Glenpool
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