By Mack - 09/09/2011 00:01 - Canada

Today, I was at the book store when a book caught my eye: Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies. I wanted to look through the book but I was too nervous to pick it up, thinking everyone in the store would look at me. FML
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Tristyxxx 24

We are!

RawrNom 0

That was you?! I was totally staring! naww, you should have got it, I bet most people were in the Erotica section, so you were safe (y)


Tristyxxx 24

We are!

slushpup9696 12

And we're silently judging you.

XxHoPPoxX 8

have you read anxiety for queers by any chance????

rallets 22

not me, im judging loudly

I'm following you around OP to make sure tou always feel uncomfortable. That's why I'm on the fast track to management.

Mwahahahahaha OP. You came to the right place. Welcome to FMyLife... (insert the I'm up to something smile here).

Anxiety sucks. I remember when I used to be too anxious to fap. Op, you should start exercising, especially weight lifting, as it does help to relief stress and somehow overcome anxiety.

You should order the book online..

ikickgingers 15

Fap is a great word. It's not used nearly enough.

#82 please kindly tell me what fap means.. I really have no clue.

Wank.. if you don't know what that is either, than FYL.

RawrNom 0

That was you?! I was totally staring! naww, you should have got it, I bet most people were in the Erotica section, so you were safe (y)

Isn't it weird when you find someone you know on these FMLs?!

rexgar2000 10

he could feel the cold, hard shaft of irony slowly slide up his ass and **** him senseless with every step he took?

rexgar2000 10

slide it's way up his ass and slowly **** him senseless* sorry messed that up

It's is correct

No he's right because 's also means possessive form. Its would mean there's more than one it but it's can ether mean it is or it possesses/ owns

audiophileMom 11

Order it online. If you could have picked it up you wouldn't need it.

Wouldn't want the mail man to see it though. That could be dangerous.

sxe_beast 11

I bet the manufacturer/author are losing profit on this book. O.o

PocketRockette 0

Get a Kindle....problem solved

enonymous 8

Ceiling cat is also watching you...

EnEl_Infierno 15

And I'm watching you! 0.0 via hidden cam in that stache of yours.

12 - And I'm watching you via that dress of yours. But you do know thats not an actual picture of him, right?

hairguitarhero 5

Damn that ceiling cat. Always pissing on me when I'm trying to find a book.

EnEl_Infierno 15

#43 It's not, really. Dam and here I thought a well known actor was commenting to, fml. Btw that's sarcasm ****** dumbass, like my previous comment was a joke.

enonymous 8

Hang on 43 let me find my obligatory washboard 12 Pack abs photos and post it up.

hawaiianfire 0

Stop thinking what other people think of you and address your damn problems. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has told you this through out your life.

TheRealHouse 7

It not that easy, but it IS that simple. There was a skit on snl once with a guy visiting his shrink and all the shrink would say was "well then stop it" or "then cut it out, dont do that anymore". It was funny as hell. obviously it doesn't actually work that way but I believe many anxiety issues, addictions and anger issues can be improved or even cured with a similar approach. IT IS HARD, but it is also simple, just like most things in life that are worth doing.

hairguitarhero 5

Bullshit. Just grow some ******* balls, for the love of Zeus.

Take it from someone who has the same issue. Weeeed

koolkat27 13

it could possibly be social anxiety. it's a real condition and it's not so easy to overcome. op- sorry these assholes are telling you to grow balls and shit. take it from somebody who has social anxiety, I hate it.

This makes me wonder... is there a book called "Reading for Dummies"?

audiophileMom 11

With a foreword by E. Literate.

And authored by I. Roneé

Yes. There called twilight books. ZING!

I believe you mean they're.

That's what is all about hon.

wow... you really do need that book