By freakingow - 14/02/2010 18:05 - United States

Today, I opened the freezer for some Poptarts and a giant block of meat fell and broke my toe. FML
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What kind of idiot puts pop tarts in the freezer? They go in the cupboard. YDI!

Fabby_fml 2


Fabby_fml 2

YDI for putting pop tarts in the freezer.

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ouch that's bs. but it's worth it fer the poptarts!

what kind of person puts poptards on the freezer why why are you doing this to me why ;(

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Uh, your an idiot. they make poptarts that have to be chilled, you prick. And OP, FYL.

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ain't that happy new year in Chinese?

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What's a Toe? I'm not used to this new hip logic.

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douche bag! WTF do u put poptarts in the freezer for anyway! ydi!

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hahahahahahah number 63 it's so true an OP fyl also has anyone even tried poptarts in the frezzer there really good

So did you never get the PopTarts? Damn..

why do u keep poptarts in the freezer?

haha "poptards"? good job 25, you fail at typing... unless you did that on purpose. that would make you awesome. :D

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I can't believe anyone voted ydi for this (except pop tart or meat haters). it could happen to anyone

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YDI for having poptarts YDI for having a toe YDI for having a freezer YDI for having a box of meat YDI for living in tennasi YDI for having a house did I get it all

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...yet another poptart related injury, and still there is no recall

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who puts poptarts in the freezer? weird much! broken toe? fyl

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@104 I bet you have all those things. @pendatic: Happy New Year :)

@ialwaysydi I can tell that you're a bitch.just by your username and comment on's pretty obvious,really.

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Least my meat didn't happen to hit you, it'd blown the lower half of your body off!

That is word for word what i intended to post. way to go.

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That's some funny shit. YDI. Why do you keep 'em in the freezer dumb ass?

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@25 what kind of a person spells PopTart like "poptards" say it outloud u dumbass. And OP that sounds like it hurts alot FYL next time wear steel toed boot at the freezer

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there are some that are meant to e mmbe frozen

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#15, some poptarts are only good when chilled. Try it, it makes them ten times better. OP, that sucks. Whoever puts away the groceries in your house needs to learn to store big frozen chunks of meat securely.

kill the person who rearranged your freezer!!!!!

iSwag 0 saw something fall...naturally it's going to be hard since it's coming out the knew your feet were down sorry, why didnt you move?

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lmao frozen pop tarts.... hmm how much brown do u shoot up a day? xD

Those aren't Poptarts, they're Toaster Strudels.

@153 I did it on purpose you you um...., 2 camels in tiny car

u put poptarts by the toaster so u can toast them u stupid ****

@153 I did it on purpose you poptard(Dumbass)

they taste so much better frozen :p even with the broke toe

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dude frozen poptarts are the shit!

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The most important thing here is not to confuse Toaster Strudel with poptarts because they are not in the same class...toaster strudels are so much better and confusing or even comparing the two is a sin of great magnitude of which I will be forced to hunt you down and destroy seriously.

I don't know i have never tried. But still why in the freezer? seems like an accident waiting to happen if you ask me

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haha 15 that was my exact comment. and lolol 105

my favourite FML so far .. Random and something I would do ..

YDI foe freezing the poptarts. Yuck!

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poptarts frozen on a hot summer day taste good

What kind of idiot puts pop tarts in the freezer? They go in the cupboard. YDI!

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There ARE Pop Tarts that are actually supposed to go in the freezer, y'know.

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There are a few kinds of poptarts that are really good when you put them in the freezer and are advertised as being good that way...mostly they are the non-fruit ones; like smores or icecream sundae.

...Does it matter what they are called?

3, those were my thoughts exactly. I've never put any poptart in the freezer...

Putting hot fudge sundae pop tarts in the freezer was the shit I did it all the time!

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...You keep Poptarts in the freezer?

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yeah I've seen toasted poptarts and regular poptarts but serves you right for putting poptarts in a freezer

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I microwave them. Amidoinitrite?

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I hope your ok! that happened to me once, only it was a mettal compus. hope your allright:) RI

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who puts pop tarts in the freezer???

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well most ppl do. it was in the pop tarts comercial