By boopingsnoot - 5/8/2017 20:00

Ready for the grill!

Today, at work, the chest freezer was accidentally turned off. I work at a vet and the freezer is our morgue. It got opened before anyone realized the contents had thawed. FML
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By  species4872  |  19

The cat did it.

By  littlelia  |  22

When I was going to school to be an animal health tech, there was a deep freeze in our classroom filled with corpses for dissection. One day there was a funky smell in the classroom, but the instructor thought it was the garbage, until after class. She opened the freezer, which happened to be next to my table I was leaving, and needless to say, it hadn't been working for a while. They took the whole thing to the dump and febreezed the room and hallway.