By RosesAreRed - 14/02/2010 18:52 - United States

Today, I received a bouquet of flowers. I thought they might be from my crush, so I excitedly opened the card. It was from my druggie ex-boyfriend, who apparently can't move on with his life even after three years. The contents of the card? "Baby, I got you like a habit, and I can't give you up". FML
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toddin 7

Tell him to go to rehab. :)

Be glad someone wants to give you something. Women are so ungrateful.


Self humiliation. :D

Averizzle 0

The vday card should of been lined with cocaine.

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DogmaT_fml 4

lacing someone's genitals with drugs to get them addicted it, is not funny.

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toddin 7

Tell him to go to rehab. :)

Jrook 0

oh no no no

i bet you bought him all kinds of crack and dope and made him addict ? then when you didnt want to party amymore you dumped him. after he smoked himself retarded you kicked him out YOU BITCH.

Be glad someone wants to give you something. Women are so ungrateful.

#5 Win :3

GalaxyShots 21

Men are so ignorant.

might want to check if those flowers are really flowers if you know what I mean.

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Fuck you

that's nice. I think you should forgive him. :D even if he is a "druggie"...

I'm just going to go ahead and assume you're ~13 years old. A "druggie" in middle school (the kid who smokes cigarettes and weed on the weekends) is a far cry from a "druggie" in the adult world. If he's making jokes about his drug use he obviously doesn't view it as a problem, which the OP does. So no, disregarding her feelings to further his interests is not "nice." But it is pretty typical of an addict.

YeahFMLxX 0

damnit shut up you troll.

^ you're a troll :3

Ultimate_Cynic 0

YOU'RE a towel!

moonlight_daze 8

#73, Bullshit! In the adult world, there are idiots who label anyone who smokes pot as “druggies”. The lie of Reefer Madness is still told and believed by gullible adults.

I agree with #5,so what you get your crush then? see lol I dobt she has ever given a gift. that's what you get for expecting to much.

You're cared for. Stop complaining.

I guess you've never been relentlessly pursued by an ex or someone you don't care for? I was stalked for a couple of years by an abusive ex and it wasn't cute or anything to be grateful for. I can see this being an FML moment. I would've refused delivery.

boohoo get over it. i bet you tell everyone you meet that annoying sob story just to get attention. just to make it look like someone wants you.

Actually I never told anyone but my husband, the police, and my therapist but I can see how someone like you would assume I'm desperate for attention. Didn't get enough hugs as a kid? Mummy didn't love you? Better a sob story than a lame troll. Because nothing says "I avoid the spotlight" like naming yourself ladiesman, you twat.