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I completely understand. Legos are fun and when they got stolen right from under us ... Well that stuff hurts. Let me have a moment. [Sob] [Crying] [I'm Crying Here!] .

Okay better, I know your in pain so ... let's go through this together.


And OP if your that upset come over to my house and play Legos, Legos were my Childhood. We can Build Boats, Dinosaurs, Planes, hey I know you live in the United Kingdom ... and I live in Oklahoma, USA, but we can work it out.


Yes I don't have any friends, Yes I'm not cool, but at least I'm not someone (Much Like yourself) who comes onto a comment board, and ruins the fun of all who comment. Just by insulting me your proving that you indeed have no friends, your not cool, and have no life. Yes I have no friends, nor am I cool, but at least I'm not afraid to admit it.


#183 Cool. Yeah Oklahoma is okay but it's ... okay it is very Ugly. And I have a feeling people are going to say I have no life (Since I've posted comments here way to much, and I said so in my comment) I'm only 15, I'm to little of a kid to have a life. That's what the Internet is for, Yay Internet!

  jz113  |  0

dont admit you dont have friends! that will lead to even more shit from the others! Also, OP, i feel your pain. legos are more addicting than WoW. ( world of warcraft for those non rpg people)

  Ajjas013  |  6

I got this one Tara:

Dude, if that's you in your pic, you are smokin'! Date me?

Just kidding. But damn your comment creeped me out! Tara... Don't get raped :)

  ShadowzI  |  0

online creepers are funny.
stalkers checked
pedofile checked
kidnapper checked
pyschopath checked
creepy old dudes who sit on a computer admiring online pictures of others while still living with their parents.... do we have Internet? yes? ... checked
"the Internet is the most intelligent system in the hands of the least intelligent"

  JACKxRAWR  |  22

Hahaha! What the fuck are you doing with your lives that's so special? Just because OP got worked up over something they enjoy. I fucking love lego and I still build stuff with it, I'm also getting qualifications and have my life roughly planned out. OP and I both have a hobby we enjoy and that we have the balls to carry on with even when cunts like you lot start taking the piss.