By Jaraxxus - 26/07/2016 09:45 - United States - Vass

Today, my girlfriend accused me of cheating because I've been buying generic groceries instead of name brand to save money. Apparently, I must be using the extra money on another woman. FML
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Jaraxxus_fml tells us more.

OP here! No, we talked about it before this, so she knew why. I'm not sure why she thinks this.

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Um.... Paranoid much?


v_tran 5

Go explain to her that you're saving money and not spending it on another woman!

That really shouldn't need to be explained.

Um.... Paranoid much?

But store brand "honey-Os" and "mountain rain soda" are so tasty!



That's all that needs to be said....

DUN DUHDUHDUHDUHDUNNNnn... Sorry, first thing that popped into my head.

Talis99 26

People like this are so ******* stupid. I wouldn't think any relationship would be worth this kind of shit. If she's sane and secure, she wouldn't be this way.

SargeRho 6

Time to press the GTFO button.

Either she has a guilty conscious or she's really just that crazy.

justcommenting19 19

Obvi. That's like, the only logical explanation.

Riiight... being frugal like totally suspish.

For the love of god, don't marry this woman.

tounces7 27

Well you know what they say. Those who are cheating themselves are the most paranoid...

Exactly what I was thinking.

Your reasoning for thinking she is cheating is almost as bad as her reasoning for thinking he's cheating. Sure, feeling guilty is one possible explanation for her making irrational logical leaps, just like needing money to spend on another woman is one possible explanation for wanting to save money. They're both bullshit arguments. I'm all for pointing out how illogical someone is for leaping to the worst possible conclusion like that, but your not helping that argument by doing the exact same thing.

#50, It's not illogical at all to strongly suspect that the girlfriend in this case is cheating when this sort of behavior has been displayed by cheaters thousands, if not millions of times. I speak from personal experience, as do many other people in this comment section who experienced the same thing. It's not really an issue of a guilty conscience. It's just classic sociopathic behavior. The logic of the sociopath is 1) I'm a lying cheater, so everyone else must be too. 2) It's okay for me to cheat, but not my boyfriend because I'm superior and I own him, so he better not be cheating. 3) I'm cheating but I don't want my boyfriend to know because it will be harder to control him, so I'll accuse him of cheating by scrutinizing everything he does so he'll be too busy arguing with me and thinking about his own behavior to notice the suspicious things I'm doing.