By 5minsolder - 08/02/2011 01:21 - United States

Today, I found out that even though my sister and I are identical twins, I'm known as "The ugly one". FML
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if this is so, it must be your personality that makes you "the ugly one"

takeapieandrun 9

Whoever calls you that is an idiot...


get a make over

mkrone 0

on the inside she ugly

bfad2010 0

maybe they could just call the other twin "the pretty one" that would be less harsh than calling u "the ugly one" hah

you should ttoo bitch


95, at least she posts a picture of herself unlike you. By the way she looks fine so back off. You dont need to ruins others lives just because you dont got one.

Because "you don't got one"? Sorry honey, you don't 'have' a life. Do our school systems do ANYTHING anymore?

bfad2010 0

110- she doesn't have a life because she worded a sentence incorrectly? good one man

110, This coming from the guy who wrote "it ain't easy bein' cheesy" You shouldn't call out on other people's grammar.!! -_-

takeapieandrun 9

Whoever calls you that is an idiot...

how the hell do you know? she COULD very well be the ugarooney

I'm going to say 14 is also an idiot...

What if her hair's a mess, she wears no make-up, her clothes are trash, she has poor hygene, and her twin is the polar opposite? Think a little.

And she might be fat.

hopelessxdesign 5

okay, the fact that you said "she wears no make-up" bothers me. i've seen girls that look fine without make up. not everyone has to wear make up to look good.


or maybe they both look the same and the person is just stupid. and um plenty of my friends dont wear make-up including me alot of the time and we all look fine

I never said girls who don't wear make-up are ugly. My point is, make-up is a beauty enhancer. If one person doesn't wear make-up and a second person who looks the same DOES wear make-up, the second person is more than likely going to look prettier as long as it is applied correctly.

pimpedout900 0

100 is wrong again I've seen a lot of girls that look horrible in makeup and look a million times better with out

zendaddy0 0

that's because they put it on wrong ps thats what she said

mcxhunni 0

100- just shut the fuck up

If you put too much makeup on then yes it looks like complete horse shit, but if you do it right it looks good.

does that make sense?

No in the physical sense, she probably eats more crap and dresses worse than her twin.

it's true, I know two girls who are identical twins and one of them is much prettier than the other

Or she has a mole on her face.

azhein 0

I'm an identical twin. we used to look the exact same but now we don't because he is tiny and I workout. plus he has long hair and stuff.

No two people can look the same. They may be identical twins, but although most people can't tell the difference, I'm sure their parents and themselves can see a massive one!

technochik3 12

a mole is actually known as a beauty mark.

if this is so, it must be your personality that makes you "the ugly one"

Get a boob job, everybody will love you then :)

-.- Srsly dude?

you just gave the reason why her name is "goinglesbian" xD

like goinglesbian said...really? lol that's your advice? I'm hoping it was a joke lol

Not the men I know.

SkateboardGirl88 11

f you man

Why hello goinglesbian :)

hahaha daaaang people chill out it was a joke ;)

not funny I have small boobs and I am constantly teased because of it and yes I considered getting a boob job but I would rather not have people cutting and slicing at my breasts tyvm

Yayy, lesbians and boob jobs..... McDonalds baby, I'm lovin it!

personality I guess

No body is ugly. And I'm sure you have other assets that are better than hers! Maybe you're smarter. :) I'd take intelligence over appearance any day.

skid123 0

agreed with no.54

I find it hard to trust or believe anyone that uses a picture of Kim K to represent themselves she doesn't go after smart guys, just guys with money.....

spoken like a true ugly person...

zendaddy0 0

BEAUTY jesus only has soo much guess who drew the short straw

scottovious 0

Show more Titties... Oh, and put out.

That is the most moronic piece of advice I have read so far.

WaylonD 4

What's wrong with putting out? I agree, she needs to!

noto_fml 0

Well are you??

I know right. let's see a picture or something

noto_fml 0

Well are you??