By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, I bought $250 worth of groceries and was feeling rather good about myself because it's the first time I've been able to do so in months. When I returned home I found my fridge/freezer broken. Most of the food I bought was dairy or frozen. FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

I'd scream if that happened to me. My whole day would be udderly sour, and there's a 2% chance that I'd milk it for all it's worth. I hope you were able to moove your stuff to a working refrigerator.

Sit on the cowch and hope tomorrow is a butter day. Good luck.

  KingReppin956  |  15

Lol no we spend 190. Sometimes & we dont even buy everything we wanted, only me (15 year old) my 8 yr old bro my 4 yr old sis & my mom. None of us our overweight at all

  jessBeAqueen  |  13

groceries are expensive. I buy food just for myself and the total never seizes to amaze me. i guess if you want to live off of ramen noodles then thats a completely different story. have it 3x a day and youll spend no more than $5-$10 a week. you want vegetables, meats and dairy? itll add up

By  naxeeb  |  33

You could ask one of your neighbors to let you keep your groceries at their place until you get your refrigerator fixed! I'm sure they'll understand.

By  MoronsAccount1  |  12

I wouldn't let it go to waste.

Ask a friend or a neighbor if you can borrow some space in their refrigerator until you can buy or rent a replacement, and you'll agree to split the food with them.

By  morella_xx  |  29

I've had this happen to me. Buy a lot of ice (5 or 6 of those party-sized bags) and pack them in among your food. It should keep things from spoiling until you can get someone in to fix it.

  morella_xx  |  29

Also, it sounds like the stupidly obvious thing to do, but my fridge fixed itself by unplugging it for an hour and then plugging it back in. It's worth a try.