By Anonymous - 23/07/2012 07:35 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I mowed over a bird while mowing the lawn. It wasn't dead, so I had to mow over it a second time to put it out of its misery. Now there are pieces of dead bird all over my lawn and I can't sleep. FML
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This could be a horror movie... Or a game. Angry, zombie birds.

I can't believe the bird didn't fly away :o


justmethough 8

You did the right thing, Op. It was a mistake, but at least you didn't let it suffer.

Miswildside 0

I know alot of people who would have left the bird to suffer. Such a cruel world we live in. OP did the right thing, putting it out of its misery. RIP little bird.

When I mow, I can see grasshoppers and butterflies in the grass. How do you even manage to run over a bird?

RedPillSucks 31

I imagine that depends on the height of the grass. I've mowed frogs and snakes in grass that was about 3 or 4 inches.

cdsg23 15

It's fairly easy to run over animals since most of them tend to have the same reaction to an oncoming lawn mower, run aimlessly in circles, then freeze and forget that they have the power to get out of the way. They usually manage to run right into the mower as well for some reason. I always feel horrible when that happens.

69-Avoid the tall grass. In this case OP got into a bit of a scuffle with Pidgey and won.

The grasshoppers always seem to jump right in front of the lawnmower. It must suck being a bug if they all want to kill themselves.

This could be a horror movie... Or a game. Angry, zombie birds.

Why don't you work for Rovio yet!? XD

cdsg23 15

Angry Zombie Birds is possibly the best idea for a game I have heard ever...if you make it please let me know!

That bird's soul will return to haunt every living moment of OP's life.

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2- You have the best name ever!

I can't believe the bird didn't fly away :o

Things with crushed wings cannot fly.

peve3 12

I think he means before it was mowed over the first time.

In that case, I bow out. I had assumed they meant after the first time.

The bird was playing bird Jackass and didn't move in enough time.

RedPillSucks 31

It may have been a baby. Also, some birds react to predators by standing still and trying to blend in with the environment.

Ever seen a green bird in Canada/ someone's back yard?

Inheritance 10

I'm curious how it lived after the first time..

beelee1988 13

They were playing Chicken. But who won? The bird never moved. Clearly neither did the lawnmower. Lawnmower wins on a technicality? I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Ignore me.

You have obviously never seen the ducks in my city, who completely ignore even the largest SUV's as they slowly amble across the road.

perdix 29

How do you know that the bird was good enough to go to Bird Heaven? Maybe he was a total bastard and was condemned to Bird Hell (which is the same place as Cat Heaven.)

perdix 29

Sorry about mentioning Bird Heaven, but certainly, you must believe in Pitbull Heaven (which is also Cat Hell). The saints at the gates are Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesisas and Marc Anthony.

perdix 29

#34 -- that's a pitbull. Baustigt is from Australia, so I don't know what that breed is called Down Under, but in the US, that's a pitbull. #36 -- this is FML, not Theology class. Anyone who dumps Jennifer Lopez can never be a saint -- that ass is divine and rejecting it is heresy!

An American bulldog in Australia? Now THAT is heresy.

It's like how we have German shepherds in the U.S, Doc.

What about chipmunk heaven? No one cares about the chipmunks!

PhishloverA 14

#4, there is no such thing has bird heaven, dog heaven, cat heaven etc, sorry... If heaven is actually real (Yes I believe in God and go to church), then I'm pretty sure the animals go to the same heaven as humans

StayClassyLassy 6

#83 & #30 Perdix and everyone else were just joking about the animal heavens.It was not to be taken seriously and offended.

How do people not know perdix by now? Jeesh, I enjoyed his humor, thank you

soog2 5

I wonder what bird heaven is like...

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

I imagine bird heaven is the same place as worm hell.

Birds are always flying near the clouds anyways. I imagine they find their heaven rather unoriginal and nothing new.

Dude, you need to learn how to take a joke, it's not offensive in the least bit.

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So tell us how you would have done it that wouldn't be as "weird" as how op did it.

Break its neck, maybe? Hit it very hard with something? Not make the poor thing into a shredded tweet joke.

So your going to stop what your doing to get a hammer and smash the brains out of it instead of just continuing mowing the lawn and ending it

FEZ16 3

It's alot easier to mow it again. Cause the time your wasting to go find something to kill it with. It's gonna suffer. If u just do it again quickly it dies and no suffering . That quick and it will be less time for it to suffer.

OhDearBetrayal 25

21- I'm sure I'm not the only Grammar Nazi who suffered a tiny stroke after reading your misuse of the word your/you're.

littlebluepill 1

I am totally with you. It's not hard to use the correct your/you're or there/their/they're!!

I find it hard to believe there are more people who would rather be put out of their misery in a blender than wait ten seconds for a knock on the head.

You all assume it was guaranteed that mowing it again would be successful. I think they were simply pointing out that the amount of pain suffered from a lawn mower would be much higher than a blunt object to the head. It was a shitty situation either way - I don't think there was a move you could have pulled that wouldn't be horrible.

KiddNYC1O 20

I'm sure mowing it again would break its neck and everything else so it's all good...

159, It didn't do it the first time apparently, how do you know it won't just take off a wing or something this time?

mishkaroni 15

I agree about putting it out of its misery, butwhen I read this in the moderations, I also thought why run it over again with a lawn mower.

SkateboardGirl88 11

Well OP's not most people...

That's a horrible way to go for that bird. It made me sick to my stomach.

It might not be to humane but it's better then leaving it to attacked by insects and slowly bleed out.

I'm guessing 6 meant being mowed over in the first place. Moving over it a second time, as gruesome as it is, probably was the best option in this scenario.

j5p332 6

Indeed! I'm a golf course superintendent. One of my operators was run over by a rotary mower. He lost half of his foot.. It was absolutely horrifying. P.S. Most homeowners lawn mower blades aren't even sharp. The poor bird was most likely beat to death and torn apart by a blunt object spinning at a couple thousand RPMs. Ouch. P.P.S. No, we didn't run him over and finish him off......

beelee1988 13

116- The end of your comment made me giggle.

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UNICEF is for deprived and starving people, not animals. I don't know how that comment relates...

skyeyez9 24

Maybe UNICEF mows over the poor and starving ethiopians.

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I think it sucks more for the bird, actually.

Ouch! At least you didn't let the bird suffer for too long.

Creepy... I litterarly JUST saw a picture of a dead bird right before reading this FML! It wasn't crushed into pieces, though... That must be uncomfortable. :/ It sounds barbaric, but you did the right thing. If you hadn't killed it, it would suffer, then die anyway.