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  littlem91  |  29

I'm not sure, if somebody was allergic to my favourite pets that would be a deal breaker for me. This guy obviously just loves cats, doesn't seem that big a jerk to me.

  JurassicHole  |  5

29 - What the hell are you even trying too say? This is why you don't mess with bath salts kids, you turn into a zombie or write retarded comments on FML.

Or pointless ones like mine.

  chemchic  |  7

90- looks like the Indian guy that works with Peter in a few episodes of Family Guy. He doesn't understand sarcasm, and explains every joke. It's funny ...but only on the show.

  Sparks808  |  10

75 - Sure, I would have chosen my existing animals over any man (or I would have made sure he was ok with them before starting dating)..but to buy 3 kittens, find out your boyfriend/girlfriend is allergic to them, and break up with them because you want to keep the cats instead? Pretty jacked up. Kittens are pretty cute but an existing spouse should have been cuter, or at least more important.


Why? What's wrong with being "crazily into cats"? The breaking up part is a bit extreme, but I know that pets (I'm a dog person myself) can be a lot more agreeable than humans at times.

  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Nothing wrong with it - however OP is allergic to them. Finding someone who is crazily into them would mean that OP would have to deal with the a similar scenario again or the new guy would have to sacrifice his crazy love for cats. Either way it would affect both OP and the crazy cat lover. :-)

  KBeatz  |  5

Oh no, I believe there should be a limit to how many cats you have running around your house. Wouldn't want to seem like the crazy cat man now, would we?

  blacksswan  |  10

Whoa what about when people have like 3+ dogs? People always think it's crazy when someone has more then 1 cat but when they have like 5 dogs no one says anything.

  skyeyez9  |  24

Depends on the size of the dogs, size of your house and if you bathe/brush them regularly. If your house smells like "dog" then you have too many in the house.

  xNephilim  |  18

Cats are the most selfish motherfuckers out there. Quit feeding them and they'll run away and go somewhere else. Or he'll, have a neighbor that feeds them "better" than you and they'll leave your ass too. Dogs are faithful. They'll love you even if you mistreat them and beat them and starve them.
I love both though. I will have a kitty. And a puppy.

By  AlexaWuzHere  |  31

I would be in a tough spot if I found out my boyfriend was allergic to cats.. I love my kitty. I don't think he should have dumbed you though, that seems a bit ridiculous. He could have given them to some friends and just visited them often.