By warp_routine - United States
Today, I got on an elevator with a woman and her child. I was the first one on. When she stepped on, the capacity alarm went off. As she left she told her daughter that's why fat people shouldn't be allowed in public. I'm 145 lbs. She was twice my size. I got called fat by a hippopotamus. FML
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  caligurls  |  0

is 145 considered light in America?? wow I must be underlight - or any other word for a 120 pound woman, even if I live in America. try organic, hun.

  DareToDream7  |  0

I can think of a few words to describe you. "Stupid" and "ignorant" come to mind. And any variations on those words. 145lbs, depending on a person's height, can be quite slim. Like if you're, oh I don't know, 5'10", 145lbs is quite slim. You're weight "120lbs" (which I highly suspect you're lying about by at least 10lbs) is completely unrelated, no one cares how much you weigh. So you can shove your stupid comment up your ignorant ass and gtfo. kkkkkkaaaaaaayyy thanks :) And try organic? Honey, organic is way too expensive and its not the answer to everything. Spend more time in school, valley girl.

  evey661  |  5

I just hate it when fat people call u fat. it just doesn't make sense are they retarded or do they not own a mirror. what I hate even more are really skinny people grab some skin on their stomachs going I need to lose weight. that really pisses me off.


Agreed. Height and build can greatly affect the ideal weight for a person. I'm 5'2" with a somewhat stocky build (bone structure wise) and am generally built in a more compact fashion. I weigh about 149 lbs. I have a little bit of pudge to my stomach, particularly if I slouch, but my doctor has told me I'm at an excellent weight for my height and build, and shouldn't lose more than twenty pounds if I do decide to try and lose weight, or else I'll end up dangerously underweight. Your height does play a factor, but it's not the only deciding factor on what your ideal weight is.

That woman was either talking about herself, which is a very sad display of low self-esteem, or she's a bitch. Either way, it's no skin off your back and you should just ignore it.

  singer0421  |  32

To those of you trying to prove #235 wrong, she was talking about the second time #228 used "you're" when he said "you're weight is..." In which case the writer was incorrect. The first use was correct, the second wasn't.

  maximumlove  |  0

Agreed #2. OP after she said that, you shouldve told the little child "You should listen to your mommy. Now, when you go out, lock Mommy in the closet at home and go out with Daddy."

By  aawooh  |  0

i call shenanigans! elevators are designed to hold massive amounts of weight, far exceeding the amount of people that can fit in one. Unless somehow there's a 10000lb weight attached to it the capacity alarm shouldn't go off.

  masmalaque  |  21

you might want to go see the world a bit before commenting as an expert just because once in your life you saw an elevator.. FYI there are many types and sizes of elevators.. and some apartment buildings with only one apartment per floor don't need a huge capacity..