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  realggirl  |  0

Poor MJ. He's completely innocent, he always was. And even after his death people have to focus on these stupid rumors instead of the wonderful music he created.

  dspadres  |  0

LOL OMG You're so fucking hilarious. I want to have your babies.

Whether or not he's guilty is irrelevant to me. I personally don't give a shit what other people do, famous or not. But the man's dead. Give it a rest. He means a lot to so many people; more people than you will ever be.

By  poisonfrog7  |  2

It is a child people, they exaggerate things. perhaps he didn't watch the boy pee on the radiator to see it steam and sizzle? and a 10 year old should know better. they should only do that at school.

  Fminetoo  |  0


I made the mistake once of taking jeans out of the dryer, and putting them on really quick. A certain body part got caught on the zipper for about ten seconds, the worst ten seconds of my life.

But the boy will learn, he'll most definetly learn.