By Amber - 10/01/2010 17:17 - United States

Today, I realized why my bathroom has been smelling so bad. My 10-year-old son has been peeing on the radiator, thinking it's fun to watch it steam and sizzle. FML
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Jesus! How hot do you have your radiator that his pee sizzles? How is your house not on fire?

pee on him/her. that'll show him.


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well it is fun

Today, every time I take a shit my bathroom smells bad. What witchcraft is this?? FML

Jesus! How hot do you have your radiator that his pee sizzles? How is your house not on fire?

Exactly lol. I have radiators in my house that are too hot to touch, but I highly doubt it water would sizzle on them!

This FML is obviously fake.

Okaaay. Ew. Just ew. :/

pee on him/her. that'll show him.

How can a son be a her?

You also implied that it was a him, saying "that will show HIM"...

Resurrect Michael Jackson and send your son to his house. That'll teach the brat to misbehave.

Poor MJ. He's completely innocent, he always was. And even after his death people have to focus on these stupid rumors instead of the wonderful music he created.

yeah, like his death changed anything

LOL OMG You're so fucking hilarious. I want to have your babies. Whether or not he's guilty is irrelevant to me. I personally don't give a shit what other people do, famous or not. But the man's dead. Give it a rest. He means a lot to so many people; more people than you will ever be.

you are right, i don't think he will ever be many people, probably just the one

Haha, unless he goes Tyler Durden style!

Eww. How long has your bathroom been smelling bad for? I hope you don't hang your towels on that radiator.

It is a child people, they exaggerate things. perhaps he didn't watch the boy pee on the radiator to see it steam and sizzle? and a 10 year old should know better. they should only do that at school.

The first time his little tallywhacker touches the radiator and sizzles, he will stop that habit.

LMAO!!!!!!! omfg, agreed

LOL^ I made the mistake once of taking jeans out of the dryer, and putting them on really quick. A certain body part got caught on the zipper for about ten seconds, the worst ten seconds of my life. But the boy will learn, he'll most definetly learn.

Well, can you really be that surprised?

hahahahahahaha! and 12, nice body ;)