By Anonymous - 09/05/2009 15:50 - United States

Today, I had to mow the lawn with a weedwacker because it rained a lot the past week and the push mower was broken. I started "mowing", and forgetting that I am mowing where the dogs go to the restroom, I absent-mindedly weedwack over dog poop. Which got flung into my face. FML
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#60: Only the "Today" and "FML" parts are necessary. I doubt editors would go around inserting pointless words. And if it was added for consistency, all the FMLs would say "proceeded to [insert a ton of verbs that could be replaced with one verb]". That would suck.


ewwww but ive done that b4 except it hit my sister while on her bike XD

You ever notice that every time someone has a FML, someone like #2 always posts oh ya that happened to me to. I find it pretty annoying people lie like that I know some can be true but I mean all of them have happened to another person and they just happen to be on FML I highly doubt it.

saying "which flung into my face" took too much work huh.. just had to say proceeded. idiot

Ewww that's unfortunate x( You should really clean up after your dogs though, even in your own backyard. If this hadn't happened, You probably would have just stepped on it while walking your dog again.

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ahahah.. funny

That's hilarious! Sucks to be you though haha.

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Aw. That is absolutely disgusting!!

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hahaha that's gross.

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Thas Nasty.

Yeah, this is most likely fake. 1. How can you not tell if you're about to weedwhack a pile of shit? 2. Even if you somehow managed to weedwhack a pile of shit on accident, it wouldn't "proceed to fling in your face." If anything it would just get on your legs. The only way it would go in your face is if you were laying down and weedwhacking or you turned the weedwhacker so that it was spinning perpendicular to the ground instead of parallel like it's supposed to. Either way, you're an idiot.