By bouda - 15/05/2011 18:19 - France

Today, I killed a pigeon. It choked to death on a piece of bread I threw its way. FML
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anakaren_831 1

poor pigeon. **** the pigeon's life.


19fml18 0

No the bird is too stupid to know that the piece wouldn't go down it's darn throat.

No the bird is too stupid to know that the piece wouldn't go down it's darn throat.

PurpleRae420 0

 I lol'd a little

Thabb 0

Mike Tyson will bite off your ear if he finds out about this.

MagicGiraffe 12

Actually feeding bread to any bird will kill it.

AuburnBoi17 5

This is not really an's not like anything happened 2 u

if I were there wit op I would be like quick helmitch maneuver!!!!!

imacreeper 3

you are going to have to live with this for the rest of your life OP. you should be ashamed of yourself.

Next time throw a piece of bread, not the whole loaf.

Maybe he threw the bread so perfectly that it went directly into the back of the pigeon's throat.

Well at least on the bright meal?

that's awesome! I've tried everything when feeding them, and I can never get them to choke...

hatepineapple 14

#78, for the love of God, please don't breed.

Furley 4

I've always thought about hoofing a pigeon as hard as I can... damn flying rats. That takes the cake, a generous offer ends in death by gluttony! This one made my day :)

lildevil963 0

ydi for feeding the pidgeon bread. everyone knows pidgeons only eat fried chicken and watermelon.

MagicGiraffe 12

Birds' digestive systems cannot handle brea as it can swell up in their digestive tracts causing blockages preventing them from absorbing nutrients.

#1 Yeah, it is! Any idiot knows better than to feed BREAD to a BIRD! Pigeons and birds are supposed to eat BIRDSEED and NATURAL fruits and nuts. Not processed human crap.

I don't know why this was down-voted, bread is terrible for birds!

Imabigbeast 5
uncbballwins 0

It's funny how many slang terms there are for **** these days. "Piece of bread?" Who would have guessed.

sheagstaz 0

better the pigeon than you

How does this fall under 'Love'? Was OP in a relationship with the pigeon?

atomheartm_fml 0

#83: Agreed. It's not OP's fault it's Darwin's

frozenshake 5

lmao survival of the fittest xD sorry, I love animals Dx I heard pidgeons explode when they eat uncooked rice D:

anakaren_831 1

poor pigeon. **** the pigeon's life.

notsocrazee 0

the pigeon has no life now...

anakaren_831 1

well, **** the life it once had.

you know this never actually happened. The OP for some sick disgusting reason decided to put a lame ass post about choking a pigeon to death.... cerial killer in process? i think so.. shanangins... im calling it

oh wait lol i miss read the post but still... SHANANAGINS

so is it wrong for me to want to see what that looks like?

Awe, that's sad. Watch out one of his friends is going to poop on you.

this would be a funny comment if you weren't so ugly

spencespencespen 0

she isn't ugly. it's the inside that counts anyway so since she made you laugh you like her;)

I don't see a picture of u 96, dnt worry about that that douchebag says #5

Alex94xela 0

gj 96 u are winning like Charlie sheen in a good way

HEARTLESS BASTARD, they can feed themselves

HEARTLESS BASTARD, they can feed themselves

It was so young! What's the mother gonna tell the kids when daddy doesn't bring the bread home?

frozenshake 5

immmaaaagggiiinnaaaatttiiioooonn ~~SpongeBob x)

how the hell did this make it on FML?!?!?!

chino627 0

animal cruelty.... it's not ur fault don't beat urseft up bout it