By andrea99 - 03/10/2010 09:35 - United States

Today, I spent an hour and a half washing my car. As I was driving down the highway, a large bird flew over my car and accidentally dropped the dead animal he was about to have for dinner. It landed on my windshield. FML
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crazedcabbages 0

im pretty sure ur life is not messed up

aaa125 0

just clean it up and get over it


u lucky buthole now ye have a tarry free dinner!

Skiittleez 0

Yeah thats pretty terrible. And op had to take it off his windshield haha grossss

It's not like a dead mouse (or whatever small animal it was) landing on your windshield would dirty up your clean car.

free food, what are you complaining about?

crazedcabbages 0

im pretty sure ur life is not messed up

sanem0808238036 0

Oh good. I thought I was hallucinating decent grammar where it wasn't.    

andrea99_fml 0

wow. grammar police over here. maybe a 'large bird' should shit on your head...... lmao

Jessi2487 0

just clean the windshield. you dont have to wash the entire car again. duuuh

have to wash the whole front... it probably hit the windshield and rolled down the front of the car

Jessi2487 0

well still, op doesnt have to wash the ENTIRE car.

never know ...the animal might of splattered :0

Lilbabynid3 3

the vulture is the one that should be complaining. just rewash your windshield

Wlollpop 0

what about the animal? Being dead and all...