By Mariah Barnes - 24/7/2020 08:01

The bird

Today, I saved a baby bird from the site I work on. It was the runt and did not have any feathers and was neglected by the mother. I took care of it all day at work and planned on taking it to a wildlife reserve after work. Two minutes away from the reserve, we hit a pothole and I dropped it. It died. FML
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By  juggalo2  |  15

Don't know what good "taking it to a wildlife reserve" would do. If it is abandoned by its mother, and has no feathers it will need constant care warmth and attention or it will not survive. Best just to leave animal babies alone unless you know what you're doing.

By  Mariah Barnes  |  8

Back story: I work in construction and the painters had to pressure wash the outside of the building but were told to remove the fifty or so bird nests and kill the many baby birds in them and throw them away. Instead, I convinced them to put the nests in the trees instead of stomping on the baby birds. they destroyed a few of the nests and one of them had three babies. The baby bird I found was with these baby birds but was half the size and had no feathers. The mother birds were caring for all of the babies except this one. I cared for it all day and was going to take it to a wildlife center after work. It would have survived with them to care for it. Unfortunately we hit a massive pothole that threw the bird three feet in the air before falling to the floor of the car. For you d*cks out there who say to just leave it to die, go to hell.

  zeffra13  |  31

I would make a call to your state Fish & Wildlife Services about this if you're in the US, as it's against federal law (Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918) to move native bird nests that are in use or kill native birds. This applies to almost all songbirds, the most common non-natives it does not apply to are house sparrows and starlings. If you have any idea what species they are, or a photo, and can find out if it's native, then this behavior should be reported.