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  DA14573  |  6

You people are seriously ignorant if you think the OP was "off the road, texting, bad driver, etc." I've got news for you. Bambi doesn't just stand there and wait for you to hit her. It happens when Bambi panics, doesn't know where to go, and just picks a direction and runs. The deer can be on the left shoulder, decide to bolt from you -back across the road-.

And the majority of deer are hit on rural roads with woods on each side. Sometimes the just come barreling out of the woods and you hit them, no notice. And for that matter, a lot of the time, you don't hit the deer. The deer hits you! As in, plowed into the side of the car. Had that happen once. Then factor in stuff like what time of the year it is, "the rut", etc. It's not uncommon for me to see 3-5 deer on the way home everynight. That many deer, high chance of impact.

So go back to ambushing people with red paint and quit trolling the OP

  fthku  |  13

All of that is very true.
But, one would think he'd drive a bit more carefully wherever he knows there could be deer.
Just like we can't know he's a bad driver, we can't know if he's a good one.

  Aadavis94  |  25

Really? Idk about in Maryland but here in southern Oregon deer run into the middle of the road all the time. My dad even had his truck hit by a deer. And if you swerve and wreck the insurance can write it off as reckless driving and not pay a dime.

  chippa  |  24

i am very tempted too go all grammer nazi on you but i think you're statement appeared messier to me then it really is because of my tired state

  chippa  |  24

Wow. Failrar of the day! After ALL of that, the only thing you noticed I did wrong was the way I spelled "grammar?" I'm astounded.

  Litschi  |  0

uh, no that's not the only thing you spelled wrong. for example: it's "..tempted TO go..", "..i think YOUR statement.." and "to me THAN it really is.."
now i'm not one to correct everybody and my grammar isn't perfect either, english isn't even my first language, but before you go around correcting people, you should really check your own grammar first..


#8, I am very sure that the deer are throwing themselves in front of the car. They tend to do that from time to time.

Animals I've had to dodge while driving: squirrels, opossum, raccoon, deer, bear.

  chippa  |  24

…I know, Litschi. I clearly stated that "grammer" wasn't my only mistake. And yes, they were done on purpouse. I thought that was obvious, but I guess not. o.O

  crankcrick  |  0

yes they do. then they stop to look at you. deer really suck at chicken. sucks for you op. you're the Shit deer chicken tho. next time hit the accelerator should another deer want to play...


-_-' deer*
My grammar SUCKS and I know this.

I can't think of anymore ATM.

Things like this and the word "stupider" really grind my gears.

  xStarKillerx  |  4

I am aware of words like "sheep" and "deer" are both singular and plural. This knowledge sits at the back of my mind while I make careless mistakes. Ah, oh well. Thank you for correcting me.