By Bambi - 12/08/2009 06:49 - United States

Today, I crashed my car. I saw a deer getting ready to run into the middle of the road, and I was very sleepy, so I panicked and slammed on the brakes, causing me to lose control of the car on the wet road. After I hit a tree, I realized that the deer was a plastic lawn ornament. FML
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I never understood why people like having those lawn ornaments. I think they're kind of tacky. And clearly they can be hazardous too!

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I never understood why people like having those lawn ornaments. I think they're kind of tacky. And clearly they can be hazardous too!

YDI. Never drive while drowsy. Pull over, walk around, do some breathing exercises, and see if you're alert then.

agreed. Drowsy driving kills as much as drunk driving.

Hey, I've driven while drowsy. There are times you can't just get out and wake yourself. That's where radio + metal mix CDs come in handy dohohoho... But OP, why were you going so fast on wet road AND while drowsy AND in an area where apparently deer will cross? Mistaaaaake. And you NEVER slam your breaks (most ESPECIALLY on wet roads) unless it is without a doubt you might hit someone (ie: someone is directly in front of you and stops for unknown reasons). At least, that's what I was always taught. FYL for it being just a lawn ornament, but you definitely deserve it too.

YDI for being a woman, and thinking you can drive a car.

i accidentally pressed fyl but it should be ydi cuz you were drowsy. drowsy + wet road+ dark(i assume its dark, because u were drowsy) = very very unsafe driving conditions


agree with 61. you should have seen this coming as soon as you started driving.

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why not just hit the deer. it could be dinner for the next week.

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#61, your an idiot for thinking you can drive a car.

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That almost happened to me once, except it was a lawn ornament that looked like a cat, playing with a ball of yarn, about to run into the street.

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This almost happened to me as well, except what I thought was a fake deer turned out to be a real deer as it ran across the road and almost got hit by me.

It could be worse. I hit a deer once at 70MPH on the highway and it completely wrecked my car and shattered through my windshield...I almost ended up with a mouth full of dead deer. But FYL for real, I know how much car accidents suck!

that deer played the role of a scarecrow hahahah YDI

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You could sue the home owner for not having put a warning sign about the ornament may be mistaken for a real deer.

Yeah that's it. Sue the homeowner because the this dumb bitch can't ******* drive. **** You.

better remove the deer completely than put a sign there. what would it say, 'warning, this is a plastic deer that appears to be crossing the road but it's actually not, so just keep on driving. there was no need for you to read this sign, because you've probably crashed by now.' realistic!

Gal dang it, this is why our state has such a bad rep for driving. 99% of the deer are real though.