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By turtle - 12/07/2011 13:26 - United States

Today, I saw a turtle on the road so I swerved, and hit a tree. The people behind me then hit the turtle. FML
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Franklin!!!! you will be missed in kiddy shows. R.I.P Franklin.


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Wow Chris. I didn't know you had an FML account. >_>


turtles dont give us oxygen o.O

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i wonder what would happen if it was a sloth.

why is everyone concerned about the turtle? what about the poor tree? the tree got hit with a car too!

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Um, what about OP? Hope they're alright aside from the obvious trauma of witnessing the turtle dying and hitting our oxygen...

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114- the tree will live, turtle never had a chance

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1 Wonderpet down, 2 to go...

an adult turtle can survive an 18teen wheeler's weight because of the shell

fine, but when the tree dies and explodes don't come crying to me because you have a splinter. GOOD DAY SIR! or ma'am. sorry, I'm too lazy to look.

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114- at least the tree will live. and sometimes. the tree likely had a longer life, already reproduced and can't feel pain or emotions that the turtle can!

I'm joking ,chill. and I'm pretty sure if you ran over a turtle it's not feeling pain for very long. lastly, I'm not really sure turtles do have emotions. I'm pretty sure there brains are only big enough to rely purely on instinct.

Way to go! Risk killing yourself to save the turtle that's gonna die anyway! YDI

241 - So basically, in your point-of-view, risking your life to save someone is pointless because they'll die eventually.

they don't want to get hit..... they are just really slow.. really really slow >_

#3 knows what it's like to be slow... really really slow. :P


my snapping turtle is actually pretty damn fast.

60 - aw, that made me more sad lol. i pictured a poor little turtle struggling to go fast enough to get out of the way but couldnt ):

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the ***** wrong wit op all this global warming and u wana hurt trees

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Animals die. it's a fact of life. Why do you think Michael Jackson died? it's inevitable. I've swerved slightly twice for two different squirrels and both times they ran into my tires while I was over them. Damn morons.

Not all turtles are slow, and normally hitting animals are better than swerving to miss them, yeah you may have saved the animal. But you could also kill yourself or others.

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I agree. Guys, if there's a Turtle on the side of the road or Highway, please pick it up and make sure it doesn't get brutally murdered. They've been here longer help them out.

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I will catch your picture with mine

You tried to save a turtle by killing a tree.

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Man vs. Turtle. Turtle wins

it's not fyl to the turtle, it doesn't have a life.

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I wonder if the driver who hit the turtle was named 'Mario'...

Franklin!!!! you will be missed in kiddy shows. R.I.P Franklin.

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Hey there's Franklin Comin over to plaayyy! No... no Franklin watch that CAR NOOoO ;(

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He doesn't have one anymore, though... ):

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Translation="I like turtles."

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‘‘Jonathan just got an awesome face paint job. What do you think?” the reporter asks. ‘‘I like turtles,” the boy replies.

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Well, at least you... Huh, there's absolutely nothing good about this.

At least they didn't get run over?

Saved the turtle for a few more seconds and finally bought yourself new car?