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  ErinRosado  |  14

I guess poop-related FMLs wouldn't quite be the same without this pun. Maybe we've got to ask ourselves if we really need to flush it out of the system.

By  zBLAKEz  |  23

This makes me think of how annoying it is when you place down one of those paper toilet seat covers on a public toilet, and because it's an automatic toilet it just automatically flushes, taking the seat cover with it.


#9 But it's the squatters who cause the problem in the first place. Never in my life have i ever peed or crapped on a toilet seat by sitting on it like a normal person would. It's the inconsiderate people who hover over the public toilet who end up splashing urine and feces on the seat, the cistern, the floor etc.
It is also actually bad for you, the position you hold your body in to squat pee over a "western" toilet prevents full emptying of the bladder, you can actually retain around 30% of the bladder contents, which at the least is inconvenient because you'll need to go again that much sooner, maybe even cause a UTI.