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  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

Obviously OP isn't the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.

  morgan320  |  0

All of you guys got so shiny jokes, it makes my life so glow-rious. Thank you for lightening up my mood and not breaking it to pieces.


Guy on tv: "It is possible to stick a standard size light bulb in your mouth, but you cannot remove it."
OP: *challenge accepted* "I'll show you, Mr. Television Man." *puts light bulb in mouth* "Mmph mmmmrph mmmphmmrph"

  cc_the_beast  |  6

What I love is that in most hospital ED's there is an instrument specifically for removing billiard balls from peoples mouths, perhaps they should have a light bulb one too?

  katdaiken  |  16

Yes 91 instead of having just a light bulb in your mouth, lets have broken glass instead! All those nice little shards and slivers should feel great! Tell me how it goes :)

  TraceCase_  |  19

More like you can't trust TV for anything, buuut...there's still this whole common sense thing that helps most of us get by.

If your really that curious about something that could potentially be dangerous, figure out a way to conduct an experiment safely.