By Beaky - 12/10/2011 05:09 - Canada

Today, I found out it takes no special training to put a large glass marble up my nostril but may require someone with a medical degree to remove it. FML
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EarAcheMyEYE10 2

Moron... really... did ya try any other holes first? if so, I hope you told the ER doc!!


EarAcheMyEYE10 2

Moron... really... did ya try any other holes first? if so, I hope you told the ER doc!!

This should have been painfully obvious.

aruam365 24

I have lots of relatives who are doctors, and I'm going to become a nurse. I've heard this is quite a common ailment... amongst 3 year olds.

So OP, how much lego can you stick up your bum?

Cocaine feels better up your nostril and you dont need a doctor. A coroner maybe, but not a doctor.

I bet you'll try to piece your lib next with an infected piece of jewelry

37 - Did you steal some of 29's cocaine? If not, maybe you should see a doctor, because that had no relation to the FML.

I believe OP was trying out for the show World's Dumbest.

SadSadKidd 1

Look at the bright side, a glass marble is not too bad. If it was a Crack ****** anal bead, it would be a different story. You do not want to know about that. PS cocaine is a hell of a drug....

hbbs93 6

Were you the same person who stuck a lightbulb in your mouth and had to go to the hospital?

obvious? yes; painfully obvious? only afterwards

markrs 0

I've tried this before! Oh wait. No I haven't...

you really thought it was going to be easy to take out huh??? lessoned learned

That0therguy 4

Plug one nostril, and blow really hard? That takes a specialist?

uhhRawr 7

But if it's stuck enough you probably could hurt yourself. Like pop a blood vessel or something like that.

Thats sounds like snorting a linr or amoking s bowl! U dsrv it!

What the hell are you trying to say? Trying hard not to become a Grammar Nazi...

I am tired of these muthafuckin' typos on this muthafuckin' app!

48, i can understand your rage by using your rage face pic as a visual aid... FFFFUUUU

I hate you kind of people. Spell right. Please.

Something about snorting crack? Smoking a bowl? Maybe he just smoked a shit load of crack?

I did something like that but in my ear I was also 6

yeah...this is natural selection in action. just a matter of time before this one is out of the gene pool

NoNotTheFace 8

A ball stuck in your hole? In the doctor's room... Ok ma'am. We're going to slowly remove the marble from your nasal cavity. All you need to do now is bend your head back and widen your nostr...HOLY SUMBITCH you need a nose hair trimmer.

HerpYourDerp 7