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I get calls from assholes all the time, though...(I work in retail)

Hey, he was just trying to make contact with Uranus. Or Hisanus, rather.


Hey, he was just trying to make contact with Uranus. Or Hisanus, rather.

I bet it was a Galaxy s4

Lets just pray it wasn't the new Note III

What in the actual...

you mean the waterproof s4 active. ..

Or the galaxy mega O_O

Yes it probably was an android. All they're good for are puns, it seems.

Woah, woah, #89. Stop alienating people.

Hopefully for him, it was a Juke (if you guys even remember that phone)

That little pack of gum looking thing #130?

I actually had that phone(: hahaha everyone was afraid of me because they thought it was a pocket knife lol #130

Maybe he want to butt dial someone?

OK, that's an awfully extreme butt dial but to each their own, hope he didn't get changed roaming for that call though ×_×

wow, I haven't heard about jukes in forever. can you picture it had he done this with a Nokia... oh my god..

I get calls from assholes all the time, though...(I work in retail)

Gee I wish there was a button for that #88...

Gee, I wish there was a less generic comment for that.

91, please point me to this "that was funny" button. I don't know if it's just this droid app, but I can't find it. :-P

I think I broke something when I laughed.

How does one get the bright idea to shove one up there?

He didn't have any pockets?

Maybe the vibrate mode was too tempting for him to resist?

He watched Jackass and saw a guy shove a car in a condom up his ass.He decided to take it as a challenge and chose that poor phone.

Someone asked him if he'd drive better with that phone up his ass and he took it to heart?

It's a common way of smuggling phones into prison.

I think that man would be even more butt hurt if he heard your comment!

My question is more what he was planning to do woth it after he had stuck it up there. I mean, was he just going to pull it out again once satisfied and go about his daily usage of it, knowing it had been in his anus?

He didn't shove it up there! He fell on it, of course.

Perhaps he's not straight? Orrrr his girlfriend shoved a phone up his ass.. Perhaps this was a kinky mess up.

I hope it wasn't a HTC Titan ..

Ah, beat me to it!

I don't think Doc would post this anonymously. he would write about it in his blog

I also have never been to Switzerland. Or have I?

You sly sucker.... So good at not slipping where you are from!

That vibrate's dangerous.

Gotta live on the wild side for thrillfull pleasures though, right doc?

Doc, which is worse a vibrating phone or the coke bottle? At least the phone is more easily removed (depending on how far up the phone traveled).

Let's find it out on you 55 ;)

oh God no D:

DocBastard, is that you?

Love that he left the comment after you.

That mental image is so disturbing

........Why would you try to think of a mental image?

Sounds like a....shitty situation.....

Don't we ever learn?!

No, no we do not.


Wow, either your profile it's lying, out you're the only person I know older than 15 that said XD.

He was probably butt-dialing.

Or bootycalling

I just hope he isn't talking tongue-in-cheek.